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  1. product 44215
    Chaource AOP
    Soft French cheese with a bloomy rind
  2. New
    product 21086
    Aged cheese with raw buffalo milk
  3. Formaggio Stanga Sesto
    Latteria Nostrano Cheese 'Stanga' Sesto
    Typical Sesto cheese with typical elongated shape
  4. Formaggio Ubriaco Moscato Giallo - Porzioni
    Ubriaco cheese with Moscato Portions
    Portions of cheese aged with Moscato Giallo IGT wine
  5. Formaggio d'Allevo Malga Verde
    Aged cheese by Malga Verde
    Typical Malga cheese produced in the summer season aged at least 8 month
  6. Asiago d'Allevo DOP Vecchio
    Asiago d'Allevo DOP - Matured
    A PDO Asiago, produced with raw cow's milk and matured at least 8 months
  7. Asiago d'Allevo DOP Mezzano
    Asiago d'Allevo DOP Mezzano
    DOP cheese made from raw cow's milk, with a semi-cooked compact paste
  8. Asiago Pressato DOP Casello 154
    Asiago Pressato DOP
    Delicate cow's milk cheese with at least 20 days of ageing
  9. Asiago Pressato DOP Nero
    Asiago Pressato DOP ' Black wheel'
    Particular selection of the typical Asiago Pressato DOP matured at lea...
  10. Asiago Pressato DOP Oro del Tempo
    Asiago Pressato DOP 'Oro del Tempo'
    Particular selection of Asiago DOP, very sweet
  11. Asiago Pressato DOP - Prodotto della Montagna
    Asiago Pressato PDO - Mountain Selection
    A particular selection of Asiago Pressato PDO produced in the mountains
  12. Formaggio Crucolo Saporito
    Crucolo Saporito Cheese
    Simular to a pressed Asiago, aged in the cellar of the Rifugio Crucolo
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