Purchase Conditions

1 - Object of the contract
1.1 . This agreement provides the formal framework for future purchases by Purchaser of dairy products, meat, fish, canned and various grocery products marketed by Valsana srl.

2 - Duration of contract
2.1. This Agreement has one year of duration and will be automatically renewed from year to year, regardless the frequence of the orders. 

3 - Orders
3.1. The Purchaser will have to send his orders in writing by email to the sales persons working in the export department of Valsana or to the email address ordini@valsana.it The Purchaser can send his orders also by phone +39 0438 1883125 or by fax +39 0438 64976 
3.2. Orders are shipped according to the schedule agreed with the Purchaser on every single time.


4 - Quantity and characteristics of the product sold
4.1. The characteristics of the product sold (ingredients, nutritional values, storage conditions etc.) are shown in the product data sheets available online in the website www.valsana.it 
4.2. The Buyer may request technical data sheets by sending an email to commerciale@valsana.it
4.3. The parties acknowledge that the list of purchased products and/or their organoleptic composition will vary during the contractual relationship at the discretion of the Seller. It is a Buyer’s responsibility to request the latest data sheets


5 - Packaging
5.1. Fractionated cheeses are vacuum-packed.
5.2. Any special requests must be specified when ordering.


6 - Prices
6.1. The prices on the invoice are the prices quoted to the Purchaser and agreed with him
6.2 Changes in prices are communicated to the Purchaser by email at least two weeks prior to the effecting date.
6.3 Various marketing discounts and promotions can be arranged in parallel to the above

7 - Shipping
7.1 Deliveries are made via the carriers either the Seller or the Purchaser uses. 
7.2 In the case the Purchaser wishes to use his own carrier then the Seller should be informed and instructed by the Purchaser in writing.
7.3 When necessary and guided by the regulations a refrigerated cargo is used. 

8 - Returns
8.1. In case of defected products, the Purchaser may make a claim directly to Valsana using the email addresses he uses to put his orders. 
8.2. The Export Department will evaluate the complaint and will, where and when appropriate, to plan the withdrawal of the defective product.
8.3. Returns will be credited if and only if all the following conditions are verified :
• The product has still its original label
• The claim takes place not later than 5 days from the day the products has arrived at the Purchaser’s site
• There are appropriate photos of the products that demonstrate and prove the defect(s)

9 – Invoicing 
9.1. For every single dispatch, Valsana will issue an invoice that will accompany the goods.
9.2 . The invoice will be also sent to the Purchaser by email.

10 - Payment
10.1  The first invoice should be paid in advance by wire transfer
10.2  All the payments are made by wire transfers 
10.3  Terms and method of payments may vary from time to time. New terms of payment are valid when are agreed in writing, either by email or fax. 


11- Final provisions
11.1. This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior or other agreements verbal or written communications between them having the same content.
11.2. Any modification and/or correction shall be made in writing on pain of nullity
11.3. For matters not covered in this contract is made to the rules of the Civil Code and art. 62 D.L. n. 1/2012 and D.M. n. 199/2012.
11.4. For any dispute arising out of the interpretation and/or execution of this contract will be referred exclusively to the court of Treviso.

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