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Persille De Tignes

Cheese made with raw goat's milk and cow's milk produced in Savoie
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Type of Milk:
Raw Goat's milk, Cow's milk
1 kg
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1 piece
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Description The Persillé de Tignes, also known as Tignard, is a cheese made with raw goat's milk (80%) and cow's milk (20%), with an uncooked pressed paste. It is produced in Villaroger near Tignes in the Tarentaise Valley in Savoie
Appearance The Persillé de Tignes is a rustic cheese with a chalky texture that takes the shape of a cylinder about ten centimeters in diameter and about fifteen centimeters in height. The color of the rind varies from gray to dark ochre, gray, brown, with sometimes small greenish to bluish spots when it reaches an exceptional aging period. As it ages, the rind becomes thicker, crumbly, and irregular. On the other hand, the paste is white, chalky, and melts in the mouth
Taste Tart and salty taste. Conversely, as it ages, the cheese develops a slightly peppery, cave-like, undergrowth, and fruity flavor with hints of vanilla
Maturing At least 70 days
Curiosity It's an extremely ancient cheese: indeed, it seems that even Charlemagne could taste it at the home of the Bishop of Moustiers while crossing the Alps, and he was so fascinated by it that he brought some with him to the court of Aachen
Our selection Another peculiarity of this cheese is that the paste, contrary to what one might believe based on its name (Persillé actually means 'blue cheese'), is not necessarily blue-veined. The presence of molds is a phenomenon that may or may not occur during maturation
Suggestions Ideal with a fresh, quaffable red wine such as a fruity Gamay. For the bread, we suggest a sourdough bread baked on stone
More Information
Ingredients Raw goat's MILK, raw cow's MILK, salt, selected ferments, rennet
Allergens in ingredients Milk and products thereof
Weight 1 kg
Packaging Wrapped in paper
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Store at a temperature between +2 °C and +6 °C
Country of origin of the primary ingredient France
The producer

Fromagerie Joseph Paccard - Manigod Haute-Savoie - France

Why we chose them
In 1990 in the heart of the valley of the "Aravis", at 1000 meters altitude, Joseph Paccard built a small place to mature farmhouse cheeses like Reblochon, Beaufort and Abondance. Joseph Paccard's sons, following their father for several years, learned from him the craftmanship of maturing cheese. A fine art that requires skill, knowledge and above all, passion. Craftsmanship and extra care for quality have defined Joseph Paccard the best affineur for Reblochon fermier. In 2007 we visited Monsieur Paccard in Manigod, in Haute-Savoie, to see the production of Reblochon and their maturing cellars. Since then we have been working with them with pleasure, especially in autumn and winter months, focusing on Reblochon and Beaufort. This year we propose you two very interesting new cheeses - Manigodine and Bleu du Val d'Aillon - along with three "legends" in the world of cheese: Reblochon, Beaufort and Bleu du Termignon. No need to say that all these cheeses are made with raw mik.
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