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  1. Olio EVO Fratepietro
    Olio EVO Fratepietro
    Sophisticated blend of Coratina and Cerignola, with a slightly fruity ...
  2. product 93583
    San Marzano Tomatoes DOP
    Peeled San Marzano tomato in sauce
  3. Anice Stellato
    Anice Stellato
    It is a spicy used all over the world to enrich many different dishes
  4. Cannella Ceylon stecche
    Cannella Ceylon Stecche
    Always it is considered the queen of spices, especially for sweets
  5. Cannella India macinata
    Cannella India Macinata
    Always it is considered the queen of spices, especially for sweets
  6. Chiodi di Garofano
    Chiodi di Garofano
    it is one of the most fragrant spices, with a warm aroma and velvety, ...
  7. Curry Madras
    Curry Madras
    An intense curry, fragrant and spicy
  8. Erbe di Provenza
    Erbe di Provenza
    Mix of Provence Herbs with a typical Mediterranean perfume
  9. Fava Tonka
    Fava Tonka
    It is a spice to be used in cakes, the aroma remember the almond, vanilla
  10. Pepe di Java
    Java Pepper
    Original pepper, the taste is sweet and very aromatic, it comes from J...
  11. Noci Moscate intere
    Noci Moscate
    it is a precious spice with a velvety aroma it has a remarkable healin...
  12. Origano
    Oregano grown in the Sarno Valley (Campania), sun-dried and hand-worked
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