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  1. La Giardiniera in Agrodolce
    La Giardiniera in Agrodolce
    Vegetables cultivated, worked and packed in Italy
  2. New
    product 96234
    Cipolle Borettane Glassate
    Lightly glazed Borettane onions, in bag of 1,7 kg
  3. New
    product 96237
    Cipolle e Peperoni in Agrodolce
    Sweet and sour onions and peppers
  4. New
    product 96233
    Cipolline Borettane Glassate
    Lightly glazed Borettane onions
  5. Pomodori secchi ready to eat
    Pomodori secchi 'Ready to eat'
    Delicious tomatoes naturally sun dried and ready to eat
  6. Fagiolo di Lamon IGP
    Beans of Lamon IGP
    Ancient traditional bean variety from Feltre, the original one IGP
  7. Lenticchie IGP di Castelluccio di Norcia
    Castelluccio Lentils PGI
    Castelluccio Lentils PGI grown on Norcia plateau
  8. New
    product 96232
    Fagioli Borlotti
    Boiled Borlotti beans, ready to use
  9. Fagioli Cannellini biologici al naturale
    Fagioli Cannellini al naturale
    Boiled Cannellini beans, ready to use for salads and creams
  10. Fagiolo Gialet Bellunese
    Fagiolo Gialet Bellunese
    Ancient bean variety of Val Belluna, delicate and refined
  11. Lenticchie biologiche al naturale
    Lenticchie al naturale
    Boiled lentils, ready to use for salads or creams
  12. Lenticchie IGP di Castelluccio di Norcia
    Lentil IGP from Castelluccio di Norcia
    The most famous italian lentils, delicate in taste and easy to cook
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