The perfect mix for saying goodbye to winter and welkoming spring: Taleggio and citrus'risotto. Which Taleggio do we choose?

At the end of the day milk, in the Taleggio Valley, a cheese was born from a tired cow, at the return from pastures. A product born to use all the milk produced. Industrialization and the need to localize production brought to the name Taleggio.

Today Taleggio DOP can be produced in these provinces: Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milano, Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Novara, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and finally Treviso. formaggio-nato-stanco
A cheese made from cow’s whole milk, with a soft and raw paste and with a washed rind. A square shape, a light pink thin crust, color given by a water and salt washing. The rind can have light green-grey molds, due to the different aging rooms. Maturation takes place from outside to inside, from the rind to the heart.Each taleggio brings with itself different characteristics, given by: different milk’s heat treatments, the use of wooden boxes during the maturing process and the specific flora, different in every cellar. 

Let’s start! Taleggio Morbido Valsassina DOP has the minimum aging required by the PDO regulation: 35 days. To the mouth it is sweet and delicate, with hints of cellar and underwood. Ideal for cooking.
The next one is a product with an easy to manage rind. Taleggio Carena is sweet, with a spicy note as ripening progresses. Great for those who want to keep a double choice: a more complex product and something with a simpler flavor. 

Taleggio DOP La Baita Tradizionale is a cheese with a melting texture, slightly lemony, with notes of humid cellar. Sapidity might be a little irregular in the wheel, since it is dry salted by hand. 

In the Taleggio Piacere Naturale we find an excellent quality/price ratio. It has a crumbly heart, slightly lemony, with pleasant notes of cellar and underwood and a delicate hint of banana. It is the cheese that represents the most the traditional concept of Taleggio.

We end up the tasting with the only cheese from raw milk: Taleggio DOP Premium latte crudo. At least 60 days of ripening and the use of raw milk justify a higher price. It is sweet and slightly acidic, melting to the palate, with distinct vegetal notes.
Tabella Taleggi

Francesca Marini 
Sales Manager