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  1. Cooked ham

    Cooked ham

    A very delicate cooked ham made in Piedmont: high quality, tied by hand, cook...
  2. Not only Squacquerone
    Meet the producer

    Not only Squacquerone

    Raffaella and Federica Mambelli guide us on a visit to the family dairy, to u...
  3. Chickpeas in the mediterranean
    Cooking tips

    Chickpeas in the mediterranean

    "Amori è un vrodu di ciciri" literally"love is a chickpeas broth":a sicilian ...
  4. A lazy inclination cheese

    A lazy inclination cheese

    The perfect mix for saying goodbye to winter and welkoming spring: Taleggio a...
  5. Bucatini my love
    News and Events

    Bucatini my love

    Two new formats by Pasta di Liguria: the iconic bucatini and the delicate tag...
  6. Guanciale for everyone

    Guanciale for everyone

    C'è qualcosa per soddisfare la fantasia di tutti! Un percorso didattico alla ...
  7. Discovering Roccaverano
    Meet the producer

    Discovering Roccaverano

    We would like to tell you about our visit to a family business who cares abou...
  8. The Natural Oasis of The Godwit Birds
    Meet the producer

    The Natural Oasis of The Godwit Birds

    The visit to the Natural Oasis of the Godwit becomes the chance to introduce ...
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