The product

Salmone Selvaggio Red King in case

Red King wild salmon, cold smoked, ready to use
Country of origin:
Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia
80 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Red King salmon, cold smoked, manually sliced into a long slice
Appearance The bright red colour meat is firm and compact, particularly lean
Taste Very delicate with a light smoky note
Curiosity The Red King of Friultrota is a wild salmon, unlike other Red King that come from farms. It's the largest species in Alaska: it measures between 75 cm and 1 m and has an average weight between 8 and 9 kg, even if it can reach the 20 Kg. It is fished from May to September from the Gulf of Alaska up to the Kotzebue Strait and all year round in the southeast of Alaska, reason so you find it fresh in any season
Our selection Wild Red King salmon from Friultrota is caught with a hook and frozen directly on board to ensure the highest possible quality of raw material. It is proposed without protective film: the special processing ensures that the product remains soft even on the surface
Suggestions To better appreciate the product, it is recommended to open the package at least 20 minutes before consumption
More Information
Ingredients ROYAL SALMON (Oncorhyncus tshawytscha), salt, sugar
Allergens in ingredients Fish and products thereof
Production Method Fished with hooks and longlines (line towed)
FAO Area FAO 67
Weight 80 g
Packaging Packaged in a protective atmosphere
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Store at a temperature between +0 +4 ° C
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 129 kJ / 541 kcal
Fat: 5,2 g
of which saturates: 1 g
Carbohydrate: <0.5 g
of which sugars: <0.3 g
Protein: 20 g
Salt: 3,1 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Friultrota - San Daniele del Friuli (UD) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Why we chose them
Friultrota was founded in 1970, in San Daniele del Friuli (UD), by the will of Giuseppe Pighin, a fishing lover since ever. The company, born as a small fish farm, has grown up through the years, with the help of Mauro Pighin, Giuseppe's son. Their primary goal was to produce a high-quality trout. For this reason, they preserved the original environmental conditions: lots of running water, very low population density, natural growth times and non-forced integrated feed. Today, Friultrota offers many more specialities, made with the same passion. Ready and easy to use, the products are characterized by authenticity and goodness that make them light and delicious
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