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Cheese produced with milk naturally acidified
Country of origin: **
Italy - Piedmont
Type of Milk:
 Cow's milk
3 kg approx
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Raw material Piedmontese cheese produced with cow's milk naturally acidified before the production, aged at least two months
Appearance The rind is wrinkly and gray-brown in colour, with yellow molds spread around; the paste is grainy and ivory white
Taste Sweet, round, with notes of herbs and fruits, and hints of mushrooms and cellar
Maturing At least 60 days
Our selection The Rosso family collects fresh milk from 37 farms from the area where the Pezzata Rossa d'Oropa cows are bred. Milk is used to produce a wide range of cheeses typical of Biella area
Suggestions A table cheese, to be tried also in stuffed pasta dishes
More Information
Ingredients MILK, salt, rennet, lactic ferments
Allergens Milk and products thereof
Other allergens Eggs and products thereof
Weight 3 kg approx
Packaging Packed in trasparent and microperforated paper, fractions in thermoshrinking film
Storage Conditions (unpacked products) Keep refrigerated between +4 and +8 °C
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Keep refrigerated below +4 °C
Instructions for use Please remove crust before consumption.
Paese di origine ingrediente principale Italia
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 1558 kJ / 371 kcal
Fat: 29,3 g
of which saturates: 18 g
Carbohydrate: 0,8 g
of which sugars: 0,8 g
Protein: 26,8 g
Salt: 1,32 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Caseificio Rosso - Pollone (BI) - Piedmont

Why we chose them
In 1894 Rosa Pidello Rosso started the production, aging and trade in local cheeses. Her business born in Sordevolo, a small town in the upper Biellese area located in the Elvo Valley. Rosa is succeeded by Gilio, who continues the business of the dairy together with his son Pier Luigi. Today, after more than 120 years of activity, Enrico and Riccado, Pier Luigi's sons and fourth generation at work, still carry on Rosa's mission with passion. The cheeses produced by the dairy are the expression of a controlled production chain that guarantees the quality and identity of the cheeses. All starts with fresh milk, collected every day by about 30 small local farms selected for their traditional method of farming and for the dedication to animals. Finally, the centuries-old knowledge in the cheese-making and maturing developed by Caseificio Rosso put the unmistakable signature on the cheeses.
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