A very delicate cooked ham made in Piedmont: high quality, tied by hand, cooked in the oven with herbs provençal and basil

We are talking about cooked ham with basil, a high quality (alta qualità) cooked ham naturally flavoured with basil and herbs of Provence, tied by hand and cooked in the oven by the Piedmontese company Lenti – Rugger.
To better explain the value of this product, I take a step back: what does high quality cooked ham mean? cooked-ham
In the world of cooked and roasted hams there are qualitative subdivisions regulated in Italy by a specific standard which is based on the level of humidity contained in the products. The specialist call this index USPD - Umidità sul prodotto sgrassato e deadditivato (literrally Umidity of the product net of fat and additives). There are three categories, listed below in increasing order of quality: Cooked Ham (Prosciutto Cotto), Selected Cooked Ham (Prosciutto Cotto Scelto), High Quality Cooked Ham (Prosciutto Cotto Alta Qualità). 

Our Cooked Ham with Basil belongs to the High Quality (Alta Qualità) category but, thanks to further attentions during production, the producer can place this product in his "Healthy Nutrition" line, which means: free from glutamate, polyphosphates, lactose, gluten and GMOs, and a low salt content, less than 1.84%. In short, the perfect ham to prepare yourself for the bikini season.  cooked-ham
The slice has a beautiful pink colour, with a slight spiciness in the centre and a browner external colour due to cooking in the oven.
On the palate it has a sweet and fresh taste, with a delicate aroma of basil. cooked-ham
I'll never get tired of eating toast, the good ones. Four ingredients and five minutes of cooking: Cooked Ham with Basil, Pan Quadro Follador, goat Robiola and thinly sliced tomato or fresh rocket… Pure delight!
The thighs used to produce Cooked Ham with Basil are of EU origin; this choice is made with the intention of offering consumers a soft, leaner and smaller hamcooked-ham

Gianluca Di Lello
Export Manager