The product

Mostarda di Fichi

Mustard produced in an artisanal way with figs
Country of origin:
Italy - Lombardy
110 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Mustard handcrafted by Luccini family with whole pieces of candied figs
Appearance Typical Cremonese mustard, which is characterized by being preprared with pieces of whole fruits
Taste It has a clean, spicy but delicate flavor
Curiosity Fruit and mustard have been combined since the Lombard creation of fruit mustard in the 14th century. Large chunks of fruit preserved in a warm, sweet mustard syrup were served with meat and game. Traditional variations of fruit mustards include apple mustard (traditional in Mantua and very spicy), quince mustard (or Vicenza mustard, mild and with a jam-like appearance) and cherry mustard. In various areas of Italy, the term mustard refers to sweet condiments based on fruit, vegetables and mosto, grape juice that is simmered until it becomes syrupy
Our selection We have been working for many years with family Luccini, because the Cicogna's mustards are characterized by both the quality of the raw material and the craftsmanship of the production. A quality that is recognized on the palate
Suggestions Perfect with fresh cheeses, in particular with ricotta and Buffalo mozzarella, and with blue cheeses like Gorgonzola. Delicious with Foie Gras and Pan Brioches
More Information
Weight 110 g
Packaging Glass jar, in a box of 6 pieces
The producer

La Cicogna - Cicognolo (CR) - Emilia Romagna

Why we chose them
work for years with Diego and Luisa, La Cicogna, the company in Cicognolo (CR). A company is run by the Luccini family, it was created to raise awareness of the Mostarda Cremonese outside the local reality. In addition to the mustards, also La Cicogna produces a sour line made exclusively from fresh vegetables, in a traditional way, definitely worth trying.
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