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Burratine in plastic tray

Small burrata filled with cream and mozzarella strips, in plastic tray
Country of origin: **
Italy - Apulia
8pz of 125 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
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Description Pasta filata cheese produced with cow's milk of top quality
Appearance The paste shows a double structure: shiny, elastic and compact outside; creamy inside
Taste The taste is fresh and sweet, with a typical aroma of milk and cream
Curiosity The Burrata seems to have been created Lorenzo Bianchino from Adria to preserve and use excess cream, resulting from the production of pasta filata cheese
Suggestions Excellent on its own with an extra virgin olive oil or on a pizza
More Information
Weight 8pz of 125 g
Packaging Packaged in plastic tub in brine
The producer

Caseificio Olanda - Andria (BA) - Puglia

Why we chose them
Caseificio Olanda was born in 1988 in Andria, a city that has always been devoted to the production of dairy products, thanks to Michele Olanda and his wife Carmela. Michele and Carmela personally select the best ingredients to create the famous 'burrata'. The well-known soft and elastic pasta filata cheese, with a creamy heart, with an intense flavour of fresh milk that has conquered tables all over the world. Today the important task of passing on the art of milk and typical dairy products of Andria is entrusted to his sons Riccardo and Savino. Thanks to the two brothers, 'the great quality of small production' is currently a philosophy that has crossed national borders and is known all over the world
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