Our range of Follador bakery products extends with a soft pre-sliced loaf of bread and a crunchy pizza base
When you work with Antonio Follador, you hardly run the risk of standing still: ideas and new proposals are never lacking. After the positive experience of the first year of working with his bakery products, the return in terms of taste and service is decidedly positive. This result encouraged us, first to start the "panettone" project, and then to set up a another couple of entries on the bakery front.

We are therefore now adding the "Pan Quadro" and the “Tavolozza”.Panificio Follador
The first product is a great classic, it aims to offer an alternative for toast, club-sandwiches and a base for croutons or canapés: it is a pre-sliced loaf of bread, in square slices of 12 cm per side. It is a soft and fragrant bread, produced in full Follador style: mother yeast, type 1 wheat flour, re-milled durum wheat semolina, type 0 flour, organic spelled flour from Friuli region and wholemeal rye flour.

It can be consumed as it is, but we suggest a regeneration step of a few minutes in the oven or in the toaster to give crunchiness and fragrance.

Tavolozza has a more innovative thrust, not so much in the form in which it is presented, but in the final performance. It is a large organic pizza "in pala" style (20x50 cm), the dough is made starting from the biga (pre-fermentation technique) and worked with a mix of organic soft wheat flours, spelt, Senatore Cappelli wheat, rye, rice and oats.

The name "Tavolozza" (which means palette) evokes creativity and imagination, in fact there are multiple solutions in terms of regeneration and filling.

The suggestion is to regenerate the Tavolozza in the oven at 250 °C for 5 minutes and immediately cut it in half upon exit so that the moist evaporates and the fragrance of the product is preserved. You can fill it like a pizza but also like a sandwich to appreciate its absolute crumbliness and crunchiness: I assure you that the result is extraordinary.Impasto Follador
Both products are immediately blast chilled after production, defrosted and stored in a modified atmosphere with a shelf life of 30 days at packaging: the result is an almost ready-to-use bread, suitable also for unexpected high work flows!

RECIPES BY ANTONIOTramezzino Follador
Pan quadro is ideal for sandwiches: in this delicious proposal by Antonio, Pan Quadro is filled with a courgettes cream, Bonito del Norte tuna fillets and courgette flowersToast FolladorPAN QUADRO PAN QUADRO: TOAST STYLE
Pan Quadro has the perfect dimensions for making toast: here Antonio suggest a classic version toast with Rustichello High Quality Cooked Ham, the Sesto cheese, and wild rocket or valerianPizza Pala

After the regeneration in the oven at 250 °C for 5 minutes, Antonio suggests to use Tavolozza as if it were the base for a pizza: lay the Mortadella on top, a little buffalo Stracciatella and chopped pistachios. Irresistible result is guaranteed!Pala Dolce
A sweet version designed for a delicious dessert: Tavolozza was brushed with a mix of water and rum, sprinkled with brown sugar, then regenerated in the oven at 250 °C for 5 minutes. Antonio cut the bread in half and stuffed it with custard cream and dark chocolate drops.

Alessandro De Conto
Sales Director