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Prosciutto di Sauris IGP

Smoked row ham from Sauris, aged at least 24 months
Country of origin: **
Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia
11 kg approx
Minimum order:
1 piece
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Description Prosciutto traditionally processed and smoked by salumificio Zahre according to the tradition of the small mountain village of Sauris at 1200 metres of altitude, in the northern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia region
Appearance The slice has a nice bright colour
Taste The sweetness and light smokiness accompany the palate gracefully, the flavour is light while the persistence of smoke and cellar notes is good
Maturing At least 24 months
Curiosity The Salumificio Zahre works first choice Italian thighs belonging to the Parma - San Daniele network, with a size of 14,5-15,5 kg when fresh and with a high fat content, which allows flavour and long maturations. The process requires that, in addition to the salt, there are small quantities of garlic and pepper, which contribute very lightly to give complexity to the perfume. The other characterizing element is obviously given by the smoking with beech wood: it is a slow process that lasts about three days, and is done in a dedicated room in the first part of the product's seasoning, when the hams are 120 days old.
Our selection The entire production cycle takes place in the Sauris ham factory, at an altitude of 1212 m. Elvis produces 500 Sauris hams a month, a very small number for a ham factory, which allows great craftsmanship and care for the product.
Suggestions Delicious on pizza or to enrich a board of cured meats
More Information
Ingredients Pork, sale, pepper, garlic
Weight 11 kg approx
Packaging Unpacked
Storage Conditions (unpacked products) Keep in a cold and dry place
Country of origin of the primary ingredient Italy
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 912 kJ / 218 kcal
Fat: 11 g
of which saturates: 3,8 g
Carbohydrate: 0 g
of which sugars: 0 g
Protein: 29 g
Salt: 6,9 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Salumificio Zahre - Ampezzo (UD) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Why we chose them
Salumificio Zahre is a young artisan reality in Ampezzo, in the heart of the Carnic Alps, more precisely in Val Lumiei among the common of Ampezzo and Sauris. The company is based on the historical pork-butchery tradition of the region in which it is located and which dates back to 762, when Ampezzo was known as "Vicius Ampicio" and was a reference for crafts and trade. Zahre's production is based on raw materials of the highest quality to transform them into fresh and seasoned pork sausages. From smoked ham to bacon, the products that are they get in Zahre are worked by expert hands, following the ancient recipes and only made with natural ingredients. As per tradition, important is the production of smoked cured meats such as mountain ham or Crudo di Sauris PGI: all strictly smoked with beech wood.
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