The product

Lard D'Arnad DOP from Valle D'Aosta

Spiced lard aged in Doils, typical wooden valdostani containers
Country of origin:
Italy - Aosta Valley
3 kg approx
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description The lard is produced only with the shoulders of pigs weighing more than 200 kg and coming exclusively from Valle d'Aosta, Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna
Appearance The pieces are not less than 3 cm in height, with rind, white in colour with some stripes of red meat. When cut the meat is soft
Taste The taste is sweet with aromas of rosemary
Maturing At least 3 months
Curiosity The lard is processed exclusively in the territory of Arnad and aged in typical wooden oak or chestnut containers, called Doils. The traceability of the product permits us to go back to the original pig stock, thanks to the code on the label
Our selection This product is processed in an artisan way, in the beautiful Maison Bertolin, in Arnad in the Valle d'Aosta, respecting the ancient traditions handed down from generatation through generation since 1957 when granddad Guido managed the village butcher shop
Suggestions A sweet piece of charcuterie that goes beautifully with crusty bread or on a bruschetta with some tomatoes and rosemary. Exceptional in both red and white sauces. It gives them sweetness and depth. Marvelous with gnocchi and cream sauce
More Information
Ingredients Pork lard, water, salt, spices and aromatic plants (garlic, rosemary, sage, bay leaf, cinnamon, pepper, cloves) in proportion variable
Weight 3 kg approx
Packaging Vacuum packed
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Keep refrigerated between 0 and +6 °C
Country of origin of the primary ingredient Italy
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 2503 kJ / 608 kcal
Fat: 66 g
of which saturates: 20 g
Carbohydrate: 0,5 g
of which sugars: 0,5 g
Protein: 3,5 g
Salt: 3,9 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Salumificio Bertolin - Arnad (AO) - Valle d'Aosta

Why we chose them
Salumificio Bertolin was born in 1957, when Guido arrived at Arnad in Valle d'Aosta region and he founded the first butcher shop of the village. The aim of the business was to produce handmade charcuterie according to the ancient traditions. The original recipes became a family treasure and they were handed down from one generation to another. Today Salumificio Berltolin produces the charcuterie through modern technologies of production adapted to the methods and the times of the original recipes. Today as yesterday, Bertolin family follows personally the whole chain of production.
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