The product

Ciliegine di Bufala Campana DOP LadyBù

Bocconcini of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP produced in Lazio region
Country of origin: **
Italy - Lazio
Type of Milk:
Raw Buffalo's milk
250 g (25 g x 10 pieces)
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Whole raw buffalo's milk
Appearance The rind is thin and porcelain white in colour; the paste is like classic a pasta filata, elastic and watery
Taste The taste is sweet and pleasantly acid, with a milky aroma and some hints of nature; the aftertaste is long, pleasant and lactic
Maturing Not expected
Curiosity The word "mozzarella" derives from the italian verb "mozzare", that means the operation of cutting curdled milk with two fingers to get single mozzarellas
Our selection We choose these Mozzarelle di Bufala made by Caseificio Anteo because they are the result of an extraordinary mix of quality elements: passion in the rearing, careful work in the dairy, short production chain and green energy
Suggestions Perfect as aperitif or in a salad; serve it at room temperature
More Information
Weight 250 g (25 g x 10 pieces)
Packaging Packaged in plastic jar
The producer

Casearia Casabianca - Fondi (LT) - Lazio

Why we chose them
The company "Casabianca" is a green oasis located in the plain of Fondi (LT) south of the Agro Pontino, about 5 Km from the Mediterranean coast and a few kilometers from the Circeo National Park and has an extension of about 90 hectares always intended for the breeding of Mediterranean buffalo Dairy Casabianca is an example of a short supply chain, with complete control of all stages of production. Selected fodder, hay, feed and raw materials are the basis of their diet. The company is modern in production, packaging and transport systems, but also respectful of tradition in production. A staff of artisans follows in fact all the manual and traditional phases that the processing involves, such as spinning, forming and salting. The company has been awarded for the best Mozzarella di Bufala DOP during the TuttoFood fair in Milan, in 2017
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