The Team on Your Christmas platter

Here we are, the last proposal is ready. We close this 2021 with something different, ours, personal. We know that in Valsana we always put people in front of us, from those who do, to those who transmit and those who value. And today we do not change course, on the contrary we put ourselves in first person: the Export team!

We have decided to offer you a small end-of-year cutting board with a proposal and a pairing each by Gianluca, Matteo and Stefano. What makes them shake the cheese knife will have the same effect on you?Team Export
For my proposal, I decided to “bother” one of the products of La Giuncà: the Beola di Capra.

Cheese that immediately struck me for the beautiful colours on the rind, painted by the indigenous molds of the aging cellars. The paste is sweet and releases sensations of ripe fruit and delicate goat nuances in the mouth.

For your Christmas cutting board I would propose it with a jam from the selection of La dispensa by Alessio Brusadin, in particular the one prepared with apricots, toasted almonds and vin santo (dessert wine).

The hint of caramel given by the vin santo and the sweetness of the apricot will accompany the complex notes of goat's Beola, without being dull on the palate.

Pastoralism is the way. Is difficult to debate this, anyone who chooses this life and shares the fruits of it will always have my admiration. And if we think of Italy, we have a region that has more shepherds than all the others: Sardinia.

And coincidentally, the aged version of Fiore Sardo has recently arrived, in my opinion one of the best because it has reached a higher complexity, but has not yet lost its compact consistency.

Full taste, extremely elegant smoking, cellar notes and indisputable vegetable notes heritage. Definitely a unique cheese and one of my favourites.

I propose it on the cutting board combined with a chutney with warm notes that of figs, fennel and pink pepper. The sweetness of the fig will do yin and yang with the flavour of the pecorino. Fennel will team up with the other vegetal notes. And finally, pink pepper is like a squeeze of orange peel on the board of your Americano cocktail: surprisingly necessary. Have fun!

To enhance the offer of my Christams menu, I chose to bring to the table an Asiago, a typical cheese of our region. Asiago d'Allevo Stravecchio produced by Malga verde only in summer by using milk from Brown Cows grazed on the Asiago Plateau.

To Make it fun, I will play by contrast by combining its strong taste with a delicate Cherry honey made by Cazzola beekeeping. Simple pairing but still able to amaze your palate, let's try.

Gianluca Di Lello, Matteo De Santi, Stefano Corrocher
Team Export