The organic pizza in pala by Follador, and the food cost of three preparations that have nothing to do with pizza

Tavolozza is the organic pizza in pala by Forno Follador: we included it in our catalogue at the beginning of the year, confident of its potential, and so far we are satisfied with the many positive feedbacks we have received. So, thanks to the excellent reviews, let's dedicate a few more lines to this focaccia.

Quite big in size (20x50 cm), Tavolozza is made with a mix of organic soft wheat flours, spelt, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, rye, rice and oats. The particular processing, starting from the biga, and the hand stretching, guarantee great friability, an irresistible fragrance and the ability to enhance any type of filling.

And like all the references by Follador we have proposed so far, Tavolozza is also packaged in ATM to guarantee the aspects of quality, freshness and readiness in use: these are the main features of the product line designed by Antonio in order to meet the needs of the Ho.Re.Ca sector. Warning: remember that it should be kept in the fridge between +0 and +4 ° C and that the shelf life is about 22 days.

The flours used for Tavolozza are 100% organic: a conscious choice that does not only concern this focaccia but also Panciotto Bianco, Focaccia Rustica and Pan Quadro. The flours come from uncontaminated oases of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, all from traced supply chains with which Follador establishes solid relationships of trust.

The motivation of this long process of organic certification comes from the aim of guaranteeing more good and genuine products. Antonio tells us that he feels the responsibility to work looking at both the land and the bread that reaches the customers every day, so that it is more fragrant, healthy and in harmony with the environment.

Speaking of fragrance: did you know that Forno Follador was mentioned in the Gambero Rosso guide "Pane e Panettieri d'Italia 2022"? Another great recognition for Antonio and his team!

Tavolozza was born as a base for pizza in pala, so after the classic seasoning on the surface like a pizza, the focaccia needs to be finished in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 6 minutes, then served.

But Tavolozza also leaves room for other solutions which require different regenerations and the possibility of making original choices in the filling. Here we have played with a filling on the surface that has nothing to do with a pizza, a stuffed sandwich, and finally, a sweet filling that, thanks to the crunchiness of the dough made even more inviting with a caramelization, allows you to serve the focaccia as if it were a sfogliatina.

We leave you the details and the calculation of the food cost of each preparation in the boxes on the side page!

Regenerate Tavolozza for 5 minutes in the oven at 200 °C. Remove from the oven, cut it in half to let it evaporate so as to obtain a crunchy effect. Fill with freshly sautéed baby spinach, crumbled ricotta, slices of porchetta and a few drops of pepper cream that gives colour and strength to the taste. A tip: arrange the slices of porchetta a little curled and fill the central band well, so as to make the cut portion very inviting, with a "very stuffed" effect!

Food cost per serving: € 3,48tav-paninotavolozza-stile-paninoNOT A PIZZA
Once regenerated in the oven at 200 °C for 5 minutes, fill the Tavolozza on the surface. With this technique, it will keep the humidity inside and will be crunchy on the outside but softer on the inside. Compose the filling with a few tufts of pumpkin cream, then the bresaola, the burrata in pieces, the sautéed mushrooms and the valerian. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The portion considered is 1/4, which can be served whole or divided into small pieces, cicchetto style.

Food cost per serving: € 3,26tavolozzacome-una-vera-tavolozzaTAVOLOZZA FOR DESSERT
For this sweet version, cut Tavolozza into 5 parts before regenerating it, then wet it with syrup made with water and sugar (to which you can also add an alcoholic part) and sprinkle with brown sugar. Transfer to the oven for 5 minutes at 240 °C in order to caramelize the surface. Cut in half and then again as if to make a sandwich. Let it evaporate and cool. Fill with custard and red fruits.

Food cost per serving: € 1,40sfogliatina-rivisitatasfogliatina-rivisitata

Giulia Bassetto
Marketing and Communication