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  1. Bresaole by Cirla
    News and Events

    Bresaole by Cirla

    To expand the range of Bresaole we went to the city of Erba, near Como, to fi...
  2. To make a speck... you need Karl Bernardi
    Meet the producer

    To make a speck... you need Karl Bernardi

    A pleasant return at Karl Bernardi’s to rediscover how he produces his speck ...
  3. Grigio alpina or piemontese?
    Meet the producer

    Grigio alpina or piemontese?

    From Grigio alpina or Piemontese breed? Bresaola is delicious, both from Tren...
  4. Illegal Charcuterie

    Illegal Charcuterie

    The legend says that if you find a sheep or a goat in Val Tramontina, you can...
  5. To debone a raw ham

    To debone a raw ham

    Why learn how to debone? And where to start? These are the questions we will ...
  6. Selve di Vallolmo

    Selve di Vallolmo

    Casentino is a mystical land where black pigs were raised since the ancient t...
  7. Salumificio Meoni
    Meet the producer

    Salumificio Meoni

    Salame Toscano, Coppa di testa, Arista e Prosciutto Toscano DOP produced by...
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