To expand the range of Bresaole we went to the city of Erba, near Como, to find a new producer

The market dynamics of the last two years have particularly penalized the national supply chain of cuts used in the production of Bresaola. We all know how difficult it was to deal with a continuous escalation of prices and the simultaneous shortage of raw materials. We therefore set out to expand the range and further differentiate our producers’ shortlist, introducing the Salumificio Castagna with the Bresaole Cirla, a historic brand taken over by Giuseppe Castagna (in photo) a few years ago.

Last autumn we visited the production plant in the Como area, in Erba, and we immediately realized the limited size of the structure: we are faced with a small production, limited in numbers. Giuseppe applies a great attention to the raw material, rigorously processed from the fresh, to the gradual and non-forced maturing method and to the uniqueness of the product. Cirla
We have selected three products.


The flagship product is a bresaola of French breed cows, the Blonde d’Aquitaine, processed fresh. We start with large rump steaks, immediately deprived of the femoral vein and the covering fat; after a night of rest they are salted and left to cure for about 3 weeks, a period in which they are only turned. The meat is put in casings and after a week of stabilization at cold temperature, stars the real seasoning for at least 4-5 weeks. The finished product is striking for the silkiness and finesse of the meat, as well as for the solubility on the palate, the sweetness and the absolute absence of ferrous scents.


Beautiful service reference, with raw material of the French Charolaise breed, always worked from fresh. The size is smaller than the premium. The production process is however the same. It has a darker shade of meat and more marbling, the flavour remains delicate and the finish is fresh and clean.


Innovative bresaola, obtained from fresh meat and seasoned without being stuffed into casings. The result is a pear shape bresaola, because of the effect of gravity, with a more squared slice, captivating to be showed on the counter. The Rustica is naturally and deliberately covered with noble moulds during the seasoning and before being vacuum-packed it is washed and dried. The flavour is rustic, as the name suggests, but of great effect: juniper, seasoned meat, cellar and pepper are the characterizing notes, all well balanced.

Alessandro De Conto
Sales Director