Respect for natural growth times, sustainable fishing and manual processing are the secrets for an unrivaled trout: God save the queen ... from San Daniele

Friultrota is a company that has been working for 40 years with the desire to combine innovation and craftsmanship through fish products.

The Regina of San Daniele, a salmon trout raised and processed in Friuli, has managed to make the company known over the years, thanks to its genuineness and high quality, both organoleptic and of processing. The fillets, of an incredibly bright red, are about 800 / 1000g and are produced by dry salting, cold smoking with wood and berries and finally hand pinning.

A great job that is necessary when you have a raw material that requires the same to be obtained. The level of attention goes hand in hand with the level of intention.

A unique Italian fish product, without preservatives or dyes, with an incredible supply of omega 3. Let’s try to have fun with some combinations:

Butter is a bit like ice cream, in the sense that it very much absorbs the smells and parfumes of everything it comes into contact with.

So, I enjoyed leaving a Brussino butter one night to rest with some grinded pepper (be careful with quantities, otherwise it becomes intense) and the next day I enjoyed a nice slice of hot toasted bread with the most classic of combinations: Regina and butter… but with pepper.

Citrus fruit and fish usually always get along, they hardly dislike to each other. In this case we have the trout with its light smoke and a taste that is well defined.

The combination is with citrus mustard (italian style), sweetly spicy, which, when dosed, enhances its flavor even more, making it a mouthful with a full and enveloping profile.

Ok, here I propose a pure and raw combination. Do you have a nice quality bottle to open and the Queen at your disposal?

Then you need a cheese that is up to par, and as for goats, Stutz’s Robiola di Roccaverano is more than up to the occasion. The note of lemon zest will be surprising combined with the smoky and “greasy” one of the Queen.

We know that there is not really a specific season for apples, but if we want to remember them because the harvesting period has just ended, then take a nice green one and cut it into thin wedges.

Overlap the wedges on a slice of bread alternating them with slices of Regina. In addition to a drizzle of olive oil, you can finish it all with lemon thyme for a finer note or with chives for a more decisive note.

Matteo De Santi
Export Manager

From the library: Heaven and Hell - John Kalman Stefánson

Blind tasting is generally referred to wine tasting, but try to do it with fish by inserting the Regina di San Daniele in a tasting of salmons, surprise effect guaranteed!

Friuli Venezia Giulia

An international grape variety, very common in Friuli. It is vinified in different ways, but I would suggest a wine fermented and aged in steel.

I would try to respect the complexity of the Regina as much as possible, without overwhelming it with strong aromatic intensities. Expect a wine with fresh notes, of tropical fruit, with a pleasant sip and a well perceptible sapidity. This last feature will then help you in balancing the sweetness of the trout. 

Sicilia DOC

This magical island is not only a land of still wines, but also of excellent sparkling wine producers.

Grillo is increasingly establishing itself as an extremely versatile variety, nothing more deserved! Expect an exciting wine, mature and complex on the nose. In this case the bubbles will help your mouth to be prepared for a new bite of bread, peppered butter and Regina!


We are talking about a Sauvignon Blanc based wine, coming from the right bank of the Loire river. I believe this wine is an excellent travel companion for the Regina di San Daniele.

Herbaceous, mineral and tomato leaf notes are often perceptible on the nose. The sip then, thanks to acidity and softness, will completely balance the fatness of the fish and the slight notes of smoke that characterize it. 


No, we are not talking about a medicine, but an intense cocktail with a fresh and slightly pungent aftertaste. The blend includes a dose of Scotch Whiskey and Islay Single Malt Scotch, to which lemon, honey and ginger are added.

The nutritious fat of the trout is not excessive, but it certainly needs to be balanced. Be cautious with ginger and honey, we must not exaggerate on the pungency and roundness of the cocktail.


I would say that it is difficult to make mistakes with sparkling wines, without pairing the trout with “extreme” vinifications. The wine must be clean and without deviations, it would risk ruining the trout. Try the pairing also with a rosé, perhaps a Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, the light tannic texture of the wine will end the sip in a delicate way.

Enrico De Conto
Purchase Manager