Very often we are asked which are the most suitable cheeses for different preparations: “Which cheese can I use for a filling? For a salad? For a fondue? To finish a risotto? In an omelette? “

This is why we decided to organise a mini course for our sales network, with the guidance of Anna Maria Pellegrino. The idea was to make them cook with different types of cheese to understand how each cheese could be used in different recipes and which one fits the most in each dish.

The course was divided into two parts: a spring date dedicated to creams and salads and an autumn one dedicated to stuffings and gratins.

For the first cooking class we worked in couples and each team experimented two recipes. For the fondue, we had to choose which cheese to use, starting with a range of 5 products: Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse, Bagoss, Tumarrano, Gran Cao and Castelmagno. Gran Cao has been one of the favourited, to give a note of sweetness, as well as Bagoss to get a hint of color and more flavour. Some enthusiasts have experimented with Castelmagno, with excellent results!

Even for the salad we could choose between different ingredients: Pecorino Fresco di Pienza, Primo Sale with chilli, Feta and Quartirolo. Quartirolo has been chosen by several groups, even if someone preferred to give a spicy note to the rice salad with the Primo Sale by Passalacqua.

What shall we say? As usual we had fun and, all in all, the dishes were not bad... Well done guys! And thanks a lot to Anna Maria!

Martina Iseppon
Marketing director

Anna Maria Pellegrino


Uovo poche’ with fondue and spinach

Ingredients: 2 eggs; 100 g fresh spinach; 2 cloves of garlic; 2 slices of Tuscan bread; extra virgin olive oil; salt; ground pepper. Ingredients for fondue: 100 g of Bagoss, Pecorino Gran Cao, Parmigiano or Castelmagno; 100 ml of cream

Cut a 40 cm sheet of film, brush with a little oil and line a cup. Break the egg into the cup, close like a bundle, trying to let the air out and seal. Boil the water and simmer the egg wrapped in the film for 4 minutes. Transfer to a bowl with cold water and ice, cut the film and leave aside. In a frying pan brown a slice of bread sprinkled with evo oil. In the same pan, scent the oil with a clove of garlic, add the spinach and lightly fry. In a saucepan, gently melt the grated cheese with the cream until a smooth cream is obtained. Serve placing the spinach on the bread, then the egg and the fondue. Perfume with ground pepper.


Red Rice salad with pecorino, broad beans, mango and grapefruits 

Ingredients (for 4): 125g red rice; 100g broad beans; 50g Brussels sprouts; 50g snow peas; 100g Pecorino di Pienza Fresco, Primo Sale with Chilli Quartirolo or Feta; 1/2 tablespoon blueberries; 1/2 tablespoon hazelnuts; 1/2 grapefruit; 1/4 mango; Maldon salt; ground black pepper; evo oil; some nuts

Wash and clean the vegetables and cook for 5 minutes: it must be crisp and brightly colored. Leave aside. Boil the rice, drain, cool, season with a little oil and keep aside. Peel the grapefruit in half, put aside the juice and prepare a citronette emulsifying it with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and a mince of black pepper. With a teaspoon get some little balls from the mango pulp. Cut the cheese with a cold knife in small cubes. Divide the rice into 4 bowls. Complete the dishes with the remaining ingredients and finish with the chopped hazelnuts.