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Tartare Bovino Adulto Scottona

Single portion of Scottona tartare Limousine
Country of origin:
Italy - Veneto
150 g approx
Minimum order:
1 box with 10 pieces
More Information
Description Single portion of tartare obtained from Scottona Limousine grown on the farm, rigorously worked by fresh
Appearance It comes in cubes, as if cut by hand, not ground, thanks to the special processing that is done not with the cutter but with a special machine with two opposing grids and a single blade that replicates the knife cut
Taste The consistency of the meat is firm, but very tender at the same time, it is perceived a valuable muscle fiber and you can distinguish the different pieces also by virtue of the method of cutting. The taste is sweet and delicate, free of ferrous residues or serosis, very elegant
Curiosity The term 'scottona' identifies a bovine animal under the age of 24 months that has never given birth, with a particularly tender and succulent flesh; the Limousine is a French breed of cattle, with a reddish coat and of medium stature, coming from the area of Limousin, an old region of France located on the Massif Central
Our selection The cuts used for the tartare are processed only once a week, strictly from the fresh, never from the vacuum, to avoid that the meat takes on an unpleasant taste; only cuts of thigh are used, codon and spinach, not because the meat has two colors and therefore the tartare would be irregular
Suggestions Delicious simply seasoned with salt, pepper and oil or in the classic French tartare recipe with Worcester sauce, parsley, pickled capers, shallot, mustard, tabasco and a fresh yolk. An extra idea: pat the meat with some kitchen paper, season it lightly, then put it in silicone moulds, blast chill at -25°C and prepare some fresh and tasty cicchetti
More Information
Ingredients Adult beef meat Scottona
Weight 150 g approx
Packaging Vacuum packed
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Store at temperature from 0 °C to +2 °C
Instructions for use Once opened consume within 24 h
The producer

Le Capanne - Mozzecane (VR) - Veneto

Why we chose them
Three brothers, Giuseppe, Marco and Nicola Fortuna: a family of breeders for 50 years, who combined the experience of breeding with the passion for hospitality. Thus was born Corte Scaligera, a wonderful space, in the Verona area, which is at the same time 'agriturismo', shop and laboratory, but also conference room and refined location for events. All this just a few steps from the stables, where the Limousine cattle are bred. The farm is managed by the Le Capanne farm, with the support of Scaligera Agricultural Cooperative Society, which has been dealing with raise cows of fine breeds, including Limousine: a breed whose meat has a fine grain, with not too coarse fibers that make it particularly tender. The cows are purchased in France, in the Limoges area and brought to Italy at the age of about 10/12 months where they continue their cycle. A complete production chain, careful about environmental sustainability and which wants to restore value to a quality farming, starting from the respect for animal wellness and the control of the alimentation: these are the two pillars on which the Fortuna family bases its business , the foundations for obtaining high quality meat. The stables are structured with sustainable systems and technologies for animals certified by the national reference center for animal well-being 'CReMBA'. The animal feeding is largely self-produced in its own agricultural land.
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