The product

Puccia Salentina

Naturally leavened bread, baked in stone, to be baked, cut and stuffed
Country of origin:
Italy - Apulia
230 g (2 pieces 115 g)
Minimum order:
1 box with 14 packages
More Information
Description Typical Salento bread, naturally leavened, stone-baked
Appearance Soft sandwiches with an airy dough, with a golden texture
Taste Fragrant, with the typical notes of bread
Our selection Puccia is the symbol of Salento gastronomy, it is a street food but also a food of great family tradition. A leavened bread natural that allows you to complete an all Salento gastronomic proposal
Suggestions To be heated in the oven for a few minutes, cut and stuffed as desired
More Information
Other allergens Milk and products thereof, Mustard and products thereof, Sesame seeds and products thereof, Soybeans and products thereof
Weight 230 g (2 pieces 115 g)
Packaging Packaged in a protective atmosphere in a heat-sealed bag
The producer

I Contadini - Ugento (LE) - Apulia

Why we chose them
"I Contadini " farm, run today by the third generation, has been founded in one of the most suitable areas for the cultivation of vegetables, in Apulia, more exactly in Salento, the so-called "land of sun, sea and wind". The fantastic climate of this land, warmed by sun all over the year, together with fertile ground structure and positive sea influence, is perfect to obtain excellent tomatoes and all kind of vegetables. An "integrated production" technique is applied to cultivate more than 20 hectares of open fields vegetables: long tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, courgettes, sweet and hot peppers, artichokes. Vegetables are naturally dried up by the sun of Salento, so that all the water in excess is taken away and the product is preserved in its organoleptic and nutritive qualities. Drying vegetables in the sun is a very ancient art, today almost totally abandoned; even though difficult and delicate, it allows to obtain an absolute unique organoleptic result: softness of pulp, preservation of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, and a special harmonic flavour which is by far more recognizable. Short production chain and short label: Edoardo Trentin, with his brothers, takes care of the all process, from cultivation to packaging in olive oil, without preservatives
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