The product

Prosciutto del Casentino with bone - Presidio Slow Food

Slow Food Presidium, obtained from wild bred Grigio del Casentino pigs
Country of origin:
Italy - Tuscany
11 kg
Minimum order:
1 pieces
More Information
Description Thigh obtained from pigs of the Grigio del Casentino breed given by the crossing of pigs of the Large White breed with pigs of the Cinta Senese genus
Appearance Shape is round and slighty elongated; meat is red-purple with evident marbelling
Taste Very rich in flavours: toasted fruits, forest, acorn and cellar are the main hints; texture is easily melting in the mouth
Maturing At least 24 months
Curiosity Easy to recognize thanks to the fire branding mark "Consorzio del Prosciutto del Casentino"
Suggestions Available only with bone, it's great for an important buffet, to enrich the cold cuts counter in special occasion, or as a valid alternative to Jamon Iberico
More Information
Ingredients Pork leg, Cervia whole salt, pepper, spices
Weight 11 kg
Packaging Unpacked
Storage Conditions (unpacked products) Keep at +0 +4 °C
Instructions for use Remove the pepper and the lard before use
Country of origin of the primary ingredient Italy
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 1122 kJ / 269 kcal
Fat: 16 g
of which saturates: 5,2 g
Carbohydrate: 0 g
of which sugars: 0 g
Protein: 31 g
Salt: 5,6 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Selve di Vallolmo - Poppi (AR) - Tuscany

Why we chose them
The wild breeding farm Le Selve di Vallolmo is located in the uncontaminated National Park of Casentino forest. We are in the oriental part of Tuscany and this company take care of Grigio del Casentino pigs under the supervision of the founder Claudio Orlandi. It is a tough, but beautiful and passion driven activity, run by the whole Claudio's family. Each member leads a different part of the business, from pigs birth to animal feeding, from breeding to cold cuts production and sales.The farm was born as Large White pigs breeder in the 80. Then starting with new millennium Claudio felt the need to integrate and differentiate more his proposition and started a charcuterie production with high quality meats. Grigio del Casentino pigs arrived a bit later, they are the result of a cross between a classic pig and Moro Romagnolo or Cinta Senese. Those animal are the protagonist of a project which protects them from the risk of extinction. A few local breeders, colleagues of Claudio, are contributing at the safeguard of this maculated pig. The core product of today tasting is the Prosciutto del Casentino, Slow Food Presidium, and then Mortadella, Pancetta and Ruffiana, all rigorously made with Grigio del Casentino meats.
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