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Pepe Nero Tellicherry

Indian Black Pepper pleasant and intense aroma
Country of origin:
250 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
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Description Indian Black Pepper pleasant and intense aroma
Appearance The berry is black, wrinkled, with reddish highlights
Taste Pungent and aromatic
Curiosity Pepper, Piper nigrum, is a spice produced from a perennial tree of the Piperaceae family native to southern India. The ripe fruits, 5 mm diameter berries gathered in bunches on long spikes, are harvested to be used in culinary culture all over the world and in the medical practices of Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine. Depending on the state of ripeness and the treatment to which the fruits are subjected, different varieties of pepper are obtained: black, white or green
Suggestions Great on the first and grilled meat
More Information
Ingredients Tellicherry pepper
Weight 250 g
Packaging Packaged in transparent PPL bag
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Keep in cool dry place away from light
Country of origin of the primary ingredient India
The producer

Petit Lorien - Udine (UD) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Why we chose them
When we met Gianluca Mingotti, the owner of Petit Lorien, we became amazed by his enthusiasm and his knowledge, and by the freshness and the fragrance of his spices. Petit Lorien is a small company specialized in importing and processing salt and species, rare ingredients and original flavors coming from all around the world. Nowadays many people, both chefs and consumers, are approaching the cuisine with a fusion approach, looking for international ingredients used in different countries. The strength of Petit Lorien is the continuous research and selection for fresh products, selecting only the best spices, and the guarantee of a short chain, that turns into the highest quality of raw materials. You can recognize the quality of his spices simply by the perfume. .
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