The product

Pecorino di Osilo

A small pecorino form Sardinia, which is also a Slow Food Presìdia
Country of origin: **
Italy - Sardinia
Type of Milk:
Raw Sheep's milk
2 kg approx
Minimum order:
1 wheel
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Description Raw sheep's milk coming from only one farm in Sardinia
Appearance Slightly smaller, taller and thinner than classic Sardinian pecorinos. The rind is thin and its color is straw yellow. The paste is compact and some flakey. The color of the paste is golden straw
Taste The taste is buttery, intense, long and aromatic. The aftertaste is long, buttery, slightly piccante with strong hints of toasted hazelnuts
Maturing At least 3 months
Curiosity Slow Food is working with the cheese-makers of Pecorino di Osilo to regulate the production and preserve traditions. The Presìdia requires the respect of a strict disciplinary: only shephers and farmers of the Osilo area can produce this pecorino, with their own milk, obtained from sheeps pastured on natural grazes, not in stables
Our selection We believe that Pecorino di Osilo should mature for at least 3 months. Therefore we ask Antonio, the cheese-maker, to mature our selection of pecorino for longer than he usually does. The maturity takes place in the same area the cheese is produced. The result is a cheese with more character and longer aromas
More Information
Weight 2 kg approx
Packaging Unpacked
The producer

Luigi Pulinas - Osilo (SS) - Sardinia

Why we chose them
Pulinas's family business runs under a "self integrated" model - told us Leonardo Pulinas. It is a small farm which takes care of the whole production chain, from farming to breeding, from collection of milk to cheese production. The animals, about 600 sheeps of Sarda race, are wild raised in the company pastures, in the property of Pulinas family. The company is located in the land of Osilo, in the very north of Sardinia and is managed by the two sons of Luigi, Leonardo and Antonio. Both still work in the same way the previous generations used to do: the milk is warmed in the copper pot and the spino used to broke the curd is still made of wood. Pecorino di Osilo is a combination between a primitive craftmanship and an uncontaminated land, green pastures and cornfields. As a curiosity the Pulinas family received many prizes for the quality of their corn production. By meeting Leonardo Pulinas you get the opportunity to know the real side of the shepherds that still produce cheese - and some fresh ricotta for local necessity - that's the reason for Slow Food organization to protect such a cheese as Presidium.
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