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Emmentaler AOP Reserve 1/12 - Gourmino

The "King of Swiss cheeses" in Réserve version, with 15 months of aging
Country of origin:
Type of Milk:
Raw Cow's milk
8 kg approx
Minimum order:
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Description Matured cheese made from raw cow's milk from cows raised on pasture around the dairy, at an altitude of about 800 metres
Appearance It has a firmer paste than the young version, but still remains elastic and characterized by the irregular holes typical of this cheese; the paste is pale yellow and the crust is tending to dark brown, due to the formation of the "skating" which is formed after brushing moulds
Taste Intense and particularly fragrant, the taste stands out notes of dried fruit and hazelnut
Maturing At least 15 months
Curiosity With the #SaveTheEmmentaler campaign, Gourmino wants to support the small dairies that still today produce the Emmentaler in an artisanal way and age it in natural habitats
More Information
Ingredients Raw MILK, salt, rennet and lactic ferments
Allergens in ingredients Milk and products thereof
Weight 8 kg approx
Packaging Packaged in modified atmosphere in a plastic bag
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Store at a maximum temperature of +8 °C
Country of origin of the primary ingredient Switzerland
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 1640 kJ / 395 kcal
Fat: 31 g
of which saturates: 19 g
Carbohydrate: <0,1 g
of which sugars: <0,1 g
Protein: 29 g
Salt: 0,4 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Gourmino - Langnau - Switzerland

Why we chose them
In 2001, in a rather impervious territory, five dairies founded the Gourmino in Langnau, Switzerland, in the Valley of Emme, with the intention of joining forces to market their products. Gourmino deals with the entire supply chain: from milk production to cheese processing and maturing. Milk is harvested only by local breeders, who run their dairies from generation to generation in total respect of nature and animals. They also have chosen not to use silage in order to obtain high quality milk. Cheese production takes place in small farm cheese factories, which still work in the artisanal way, often producing the ferments needed for processing in the same dairy, with a logic very far from that of the large industries dominating the Swiss cheese market. The cheeses are brought to the maturing premises at Langnau where affinage takes place. A short supply chain, to guarantee the quality of cheeses and to preserve the centuries-old tradition of this region of Switzerland.
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