The product

Bottarga di Muggine

Eggs of mullets worked in Cabras, in pieces of approx 100 g
Country of origin:
Italy - Sardinia
100 g approx
Minimum order:
1 piece
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Description Eggs of mullets caught in the Altlantic Ocean, salted and dried according to the tradition of Cabras
Appearance Amber coloured, more or less intense depending on the maturation
Taste Sapid, with a strong personality, more intense than Cabras Bottarga
Curiosity The word "bottarga" derives from the Arabic "batãrikh" (salted fish eggs); in the Sardinian dialect it is called "butàriga" preserving a strong assonance with the Arabic term. Known throughout the Mediterranean for millennial, it was a precious commodity exchanged since Egyptian times
Our selection This Bottarga is produced with imported mullet eggs by Pino Spanu, according to the traditional technique of Cabras; an alternative proposal to the classic Bottarga di Cabras with a more intense taste but always of very high quality
Suggestions To be sliced on the classic spaghetti with Bottarga; nice also over a pizza with artichokes
More Information
Weight 100 g approx
Packaging Vacuum packed
The producer

Tharros Pesca - Cabras (OR) - Sardinia

Why we chose them
95% of Mullet Bottarga on the market comes from Africa, Australia or Philippines. However, there's still a small production of the authentic Bottarga of Cabras: five producers, including Pino Spanu, who works the eggs of the mullet caught in the ten ponds around Oristano. Tharros Pesca of Pino Spanu was founded in Cabras in 2004: a laboratory specializing in the artisanal production of bottarga and smoked fish. We have been there to meet him this summer and we visited together the Peschiera of S'Ena Arrubia, a pond 10 km south of Oristano. Here the mullets - from which bottarga is obtained - are fished with a very typical technique from July to September. Pino showed us how to extract the egg bags, which are washed, put in salt for 4-5 hours then washed again and dried on the gratings for 8-10 days. A totally crafted work that, together with the mild climate, the local salt used for salting and exposing to the Maestrale make Cabras Bottarga unique
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