We introduce you to a new producer, a Friulian mill that convinced us for its attention to the supply chain, the genuineness of the product and the sustainability of the production cycle

Molino Moras is located in Trivignano Udinese, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, and it has been in operation since 1905. This is the year in which the municipal mill was taken over by Geremia Moras and which started a management of the Moras family which is now in its sixth generation.

The mill has a vocation for growth and an innovative search for the naturalness of the productions that we breathe from the first phone call and which immediately makes us find the reasons to go and meet them in person. The corporate value system immediately invests us and lets us glimpse supply chain choices and product processing of the highest organoleptic quality.Molino MorasStoria Moras
Nicoletta Moras is the first woman to take on a management role in the family business in 2010 in a history of over a hundred years. 10 years later, the company takes a further leap, with the creation of a new pink board of directors: Nicoletta is joined by her two daughters Anna and Sara. Not only the management, but also the team is a tangible example of this corporate vision: 50% of Molino Moras resources are in fact women.

Corporate sustainability, not only as attention to the environment (promotion of local supply chains, reduction of energy consumption and of the environmental impact of the company activity) but also as social responsibility (equal opportunities, enhancement of human resources, corporate welfare ), is one of the core values of the Moras family. The writing of the social report, available online on the company website, is only the last step in this direction.Donne Moras
The company purchases high-level soft wheat from the Italian territory, but not only, which is processed in purity without the addition of enzymes or improvers, not before being subjected to strict quality controls upon entering the company. Subsequently the impurities, the dust, the straw, the pebbles, the seeds from different cereals are extracted; the grains are treated with water and stored in resting cells for a period ranging from 12 to 40 hours based on the hardness of the grain. Cylinder grinding and sieving follow, thus obtaining: farinaccio, flour, bran and fine bran.

Now is the time to rest and stabilize the finished product: only a rested flour will be able to express itself at its best in processing. Only the packaging is missing, which is done strictly by hand in hand-sealed paper bags.Grano MorasAgricoltura Moras
But which products did we choose? It was not easy, the range is extremely wide, but we need to take one step at a time, acquire a first knowledge of the company and the product and then expand the range of products. We also got the help from Sara Pantanali, the commercial manager of the Molino, to identify four flours to start the collaboration, a selection that allow a transversal approach to different uses and different productions.

Type 00 flour obtained from a mixture of grains with high protein values, of medium-high strength. Unmissable in the pantry, it is perfect for all bread-making needs, and for sweet and savory pies with a maturation of 24/48 hours.

Medium strength soft wheat flour, for direct dough and more immediate results, requires maturation of 12-20 hours at the most. Very versatile, it can be used for pizzas, focaccias and leavened desserts.

A mix for pizza or cereal bread: in addition to soft wheat flour, it contains corn, barley, rye, lineseeds, sesame, oats. Of great strength, perfect for long leavening, it expresses lightness, aroma and crunchiness.

Whole wheat flour of medium-high strength, the most complete from a nutritional point of view: rich in fiber, it is characterized by the scent that the dough releases after cooking. Suitable for sweet and savoury preparations and breads with a well alveolate crumb. Ideal for maturation and leavening of 24/48 hours.

Alessandro De Conto
Sales Director