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  1. Grigio alpina or piemontese?
    Meet the producer

    Grigio alpina or piemontese?

    From Grigio alpina or Piemontese breed? Bresaola is delicious, both from Tren...
  2. Everyone to the maso!
    Meet the producer

    Everyone to the maso!

    Our first journey with the sales network after the easing of the Covid lockdo...
  3. Riserva San Massimo
    Meet the producer

    Riserva San Massimo

    44 resurgences in 400 hectares of wood, alternating with 200 hectares of fiel...
  4. Coppa vs Ossocollo
    Meet the producer

    Coppa vs Ossocollo

    Ossocollo from Treviso or Coppa from Piacenza? The difference is not only in ...
  5. Perenzin Latteria 1898
    Meet the producer

    Perenzin Latteria 1898

    We will tell you about the meeting with Emanuela Perenzin and her sons, Erika...
  6. Stutz Farm
    Meet the producer

    Stutz Farm

    It is an important benchmark in the Roccaverano DOP world. We would like intr...
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