“Alte Imprese”, the International School of Mountain and Apennine Cheese, of which Valsana is partner, is taking shape
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The idea of the school is born from a double reflection:

1) the awareness that “malgari” and shepherds are the "guardians of the mountain": they keep the pastures alive, limiting the expansion of the woods; they enhance the reintroduction of local breeds suitable for pastures, ensuring the conservation of biodiversity and landscapes;
2) the awareness that, in recent years, the profession of the "malgaro" is disappearing: throughout the Alps, as well as in the Apennines it is difficult to find people willing to be shepherds or dairymen.

At the same time, however, the pandemic has triggered new dynamics: the need to get closer to nature, the will to change life, rediscovering the rhythms more linked to the seasons, a rediscovery of the natural heritage of the mountains.
“Alte Imprese” - International School of Mountain and Apennine Cheese, aims to reconcile these two trends, helping those who want to change their lives to develop an entrepreneurial approach to mountain pasture management, protecting the mountains and restoring social recognition to the profession of the shepherd and the herdsmanScuola Internazionale Formaggi di MontagnaTHE PROJECT

The project was born from an idea of Danilo Gasparini, professor of History of Agriculture and Food at the University of Padua, who first proposed the establishment of the School, together with Dario Mariotti, journalist publicist, administrator of Magazzino Alimentare srl, former director of ISFOR 2000 - Istituto Superiore di Formazione e Ricerca in Brescia. Behind it, a network of partners, including the City of Segusino (TV), the Dairy Cugusi of Montepulciano (SI) and Valsana. The project will also be sponsored by Veneto Agricoltura.Scuola Internazionale Formaggi di Montagna


The aim is to propose masterclasses that can trigger an entrepreneurial, modern and multifunctional vision of the management of a mountain pasture and of the flocks, combining different skills: knowledge of pasture and animals, milk processing but also the regulatory framework, some management and communication skills, to narrate the territory and the products, the theme of hospitality and the ability to create a network, including the different figures in this sector, with a look at what is happening outside our national borders.

The courses will have three components: a theoretical part of deepening content, provided mainly online; a part of testimonies, including international ones, involving those who do this job every day; a practical part at the locations of some of the partners to experience real life in the alpine pastures.

The first masterclass will start on June 22: 40 hours of training divided into 14 online appointments - two appointments a week, from 20:00 to 22:00 - and will end in September in Segusino (TV) with two days in attendance, with a limited number of people, to experience the life in the pastures. The didactic and organizational part of the course will be managed by Magazzino Alimentare srl.

Registrations will close on June 11th.

For more information:
www.alteimprese.it - info@alteimprese.it

Martina Iseppon
Marketing Director