We have learned to know Coalvi over the years for Bresaola and Carpaccio di Razza Piemontese, now we also integrate fresh meat in our assortment

We had been looking for a new line of Fassone Piemontese for a long time, in order to start a new relationship that would give us new energies and new certainties. And so, almost unwittingly, during one of the thousand phone calls last summer, we discovered that Coalvi (Consortium for the Protection of the Piemontese Breed) already had a project for the distribution of fresh meat, of course of Piemontese breed.

But let's enter into the merits of the proposal. The farms that adhere to the rules of the consortium extend over the territory of Southern Piedmont, in particular in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Turin. We are talking of about 1300 small family farms in total: perhaps an almost unique case in the Italian territory, in particular in the Northern regions, where the presence of micro family farms is decreasing constantly.Coalvi
Thanks to the accurate selection of the livestock farms, the Piedmontese breed cows provide excellent quality meat and a better conformation of the muscle bands of the hindquarters.

In fact, need to remember that the term Fassone Piemontese (denomination protected by law) refers to a Piedmontese dialect expression facon or fassone, that means "of the thigh" and refers to a bovine with hyper-developed muscle bands (muscle hypertrophy).

The Coalvi guideline protects and regulates the entire supply chain, guarantees that the fattening of beef cattle takes place over the course of at least one year, and that it is based on a diet rich in cereals (barley, corn, bran and soy) and fodder. Only between 12 and 24 months of life the cattle (males in this case) are sent to a slaughterhouse where, in addition to the slaughter, also the cutting of the various parts takes place.Razza Piemontese
Allevamento Piemontese
The project we are presenting to you collects a series of rather important proposals ranging from high service rate products (chopped thigh, hamburger and cut) to the great classics (loin, ribs, fiorentina, rump, codon, sirloin, etc.), up to some more modern cuts (tomahawk with bone, ribs for the asado, etc.).

We have relaunched the Fassone Piemontese project after several years because we believe that it is a meat suited to the times, suited to the needs of a consumer who increasingly favors the choice of meats not too rich in marbling and soft in texture.

Fassone Piemontese breed is linked to a concept of sustainability of slaughter, because each cut can be enhanced to the fullest. From the rear cuts for grill, barbecue, tartare, bresaola and carpaccio, to the front cuts for boiled meats, hamburgers, roasts and so on.

Reflect on how difficult it is to optimize the front and rear with the breed that have an important marbling, which express themselves very well when grilled, but then...

This is the great worry of those who raise beef cattle today. The bet is to be able to keep the market interest high in front cuts in order to keep the value of the rear controlled. When we'll stop eating boiled meat or using cuts such as real, or brisket, then grill cuts will become a real luxury item.Carne Piemontese
Let me now spend a few words on diced meat for tartate. It is a careful selected meat, obtained mainly from rear cuts of adult cattle. In the piedmontese and italian culture there is a solid bond of battuta (tartare) and Fassone Piemontese breed.

The meat is diced in the classic way, using the cutter, and free from preservatives. The shelflife is around 7-9 days at the time of delivery in our warehouse.

I always advise you to oxygenate the meat for 5-6 minutes before preparing and serving it to the customer, so that it regains its original colour and can express all its sweetness and delicacy, without bringing annoying hints of blood or stale. The portion weights 120 g.Tartare-Coalvi
We hope that the new line will find appreciation and solidity over time. Do not hesitate to send us your opinions, and if you need anatomical cuts that are not in the range at the moment, please notify to your agent immediately, we will move as quickly as possible.

Alessandro De Conto
Sales Director