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Beurre Isigny AOP

Isigny French Butter Basket 5 kg
Country of origin:
5 kg
Minimum order:
1 piece
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Description Classic French butter made from 42% fat cow's cream produced in the Isigny area
Appearance It is ivory white in colour; the texture is extremely velvety
Taste Sweet and with strong notes of fresh milk and a pleasant nutty aroma
Curiosity This butter is produced in Normandy, in northern France, where the sea gives the pastures a high concentration of mineral salts and trace elements that allow the milk from local herds to be rich in flavour and fat, ideal for milk production
Our selection Isigny butter is still made traditionally by first allowing the cream to ripen for 18 hours. Then the barette is activated, that is the traditional French churning which allows to obtain a homogeneous and extremely melting paste
Suggestions Perfect for pan-frying fish or making herb-flavoured butter cylinders for use during a restaurant service
More Information
Ingredients CREAM, lactic ferments
Allergens in ingredients Milk and products thereof
Weight 5 kg
Packaging Wrapped and in wooden basket
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Store at a temperature between +2 +6 °C
Country of origin of the primary ingredient France
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 3054 kJ / 743 kcal
Fat: 82 g
of which saturates: 59 g
Carbohydrate: 0,5 g
of which sugars: 0,5 g
Protein: 0,7 g
Salt: 0,08 g
Typical value per 100 g
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