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Ventresca di Tonno Bonito del Norte

Whole slices of Bonito del Norte ventresca in glass jar with olive oil
Country of origin:
112 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Whole slices of Bonito del Norte ventresca (white tuna belly) in olive oil
Appearance Whole slices of tuna, white in colour with pink shades without crumbles
Taste In the mouth it melts literally, with an extremely sweet taste and aromatic variety
Our selection Ventresca is the most precious part of tuna. It is placed on the fish's belly and accounts for only 2-3% of the weight of the whole tuna. It is separated manually and cooked separately from the rest of the tuna. Ventresca has a fat content significantly higher than the average tuna; for this reason it is considered the most precious part, because it is much softer to the palate
More Information
Weight 112 g
Packaging Tin
The producer

Yurrita e Hijos - Mutriku - Spain

Why we chose them
Yurrita and Hijos is a company founded in 1867 by the Yurrita family, which for 5 generations produces Cantabrian Anchovies. Yurrita is in the Basque Country, in Mutriku, that is a small fishing village overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, about an hour's drive from San Sebastian. When we visited the company we hit the link with tradition and attention to quality in every process of the production chain: from the purchase of anchovies in nearby marinas to manic cleaning the fish, from the long aging of the product in salt packaging manual. Every single anchovy fillet is cleaned and packaged manually by a group of only women, "why only women are capable of doing this painstaking work - confessed Juan Yurrita during the visit - while men are dedicated to offshore fishing". Recently the Yurrita family also acquired a processing facility of "Bonito del Norte", the famous albacore tuna caught in Cantabrico. The tuna is caught on the hook and the fishing trip was a real ceremony in the offshore, which lasts about a week or even more
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