The product

Trentingrana Grattugiato

Trentingrana grated from the whole wheel and packaged in a convenient bag
Country of origin: **
Italy - Trentino Alto Adige
Type of Milk:
Raw Cow's milk
1 kg
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Trentingrana produced with raw cow's milk and grated
Appearance Grated in bag, ready to use
Taste Sweet, round and full to the palate
Maturing At least 9 months
Suggestions Design for the use in cooking
More Information
Weight 1 kg
Packaging Packed in ATM
The producer

Trentingrana - Caseificio di Rumo (TN) - Trentino Alto Adige

Why we chose them
The "Caseificio di Rumo" is an historical reality for Trentino's Cheese Group because here began producing Trentingrana. Trentingrana is a grana cheese produced since 1926, when Mr. Marchesi marrying a girl from Mantua, he learned the art of cheese-maker in the city of Mirandola. He took control of the secrets of the trade, he bought the milk of dairy Cloz and turned it into a cheese that is first distributed in the province of Trento. But it is in the Rumo Dairy Farm, a cooperative founded in 1954, that the production of Trentingrana actually started. Today the Dairy Rumo has 77 members. Most of these companies, that are members of the cooperative, are small farms family run, located at an altitude between 1000 and 1600 meters, which have small farms, from 3 to 25 cows. The 9,000 Trentingrana forms produced every year in Rumo are recognizable not only for the marking with the TN319 toll that identifies the cheese factory, but also for the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese
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