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Pasta di Liguria - Montoggio (GE) - Liguria

Why we chose them
The Minaglia family has been producing Ligurian pasta shapes of the highest quality for almost forty years. All their specialties, with the "Pasta di Liguria" brand, tell the culinary tradition of the region. The pasta is made with only organic ingredients, without the addition of dyes and flavors. The exclusively Italian durum wheat is processed with pure water from the San Martino spring in the Antola Park; drying, a fundamental phase of the production cycle, takes place between 40 ° and 50 ° C for about 24-30 hours in order to maintain all the organoleptic properties of the grain and the characteristic consistency of artisan pasta. Finally, the bronze drawing gives the unmistakable roughness and porosity to the pasta. A long experience and passion that gives life to 9 pasta shapes inspired by the main contrasts offered by the Ligurian territory. Olive leaves with spinach, trofiette and trenette tell the story of the sea, the coasts and the mild climate, an area rich in fish, aromatic plants, citrus fruits and olives. Croxetti, Signorine alle chestnuts and Fettucce represent the hinterland, an extreme territory with dizzying mountains covered with woods where rich, tasty and nutritious dishes are born. Finally, a line of great classics: spaghetti, fusilli and penne to complete the proposal.
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