The product

Creme Fraiche Verre Isigny

Sour cream produced from milk cream, creamy, and slightly tangy
Country of origin:
Type of Milk:
 Cow's milk
200 g
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Sour cream produced with milk from the Bessin and Cotentin area in Normandy
Appearance Spoonably creamy, it has a pearly white color
Taste Rich and round on the palate, it releases tangy notes that give it an unmistakable taste
Curiosity Sour cream, yogurt, cream, ricotta, or mascarpone? There have always been many contradictions about this product. But what are we talking about? Known in Italy as 'panna acida' and as 'sour cream' in English-speaking countries, it is a typical preparation in French cuisine with a very fresh taste made from milk. It is suitable for accompanying main courses based on fish or vegetables
Our selection Even today, it's not easy to find it ready-made in the condiment products section. Furthermore, the 'gastronomic beauty' of this product is that, unlike traditional cream, it can be brought to a boil without curdling
Suggestions Perfect for enhancing the flavor of salmon and giving the dish a creamy and velvety consistency
More Information
Weight 200 g
Packaging glass jar
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