The product

Stracchino Mambelli with Sale Dolce di Cervia

Soft cheese made with sweet Cervia salt
Country of origin:
Italy - Emilia Romagna
6 pezzi da 100 g l'uno
Minimum order:
1 confezione
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Description Stracchino produced with pasteurized cow's milk and sweet Cervia salt
Appearance Creamy and spreadable, without rind; the colour is white
Taste Sweet, with notes of milk and yogurt; the use of Cervia salt, poor in bitter chlorides, gives it greater sweetness
Curiosity The use of Cervia salt, typical of Romagna, allows for a 100% Romagna product
Our selection The flow-pack package allows the whey that is formed to remain separate from the cheese, avoiding the formation of unpleasant odors Mambelli cheeses aim to offer a natural freshness, which is why they must be consumed within the period specified on the package; only so yes they can taste in the fullness of their flavour
Suggestions Try it on a classic piadina with fresh vegetables
More Information
Weight 6 pezzi da 100 g l'uno
Packaging Confezionato in atmosfera protettiva
The producer

Caseificio Mambelli - Santa Maria Nuova Bertinoro (FC) - Emilia Romagna

Why we chose them
The history of the dairy Mambelli began in a country house in the area of Bertinoro. Grandmother Elsa used to produce in a copper pot a special Ricotta made from the milk of her cows, that was enriched with thermal waters. Then the cheese used to travel on the sides of a motorbike down to the Cesena market. It was Domenico, the son of Elsa, that continued to carry to the market the "treasure of the family" riding his "Mondial" motorcycle. Domenico and Idiana inherited all the secrets on the production of this particular Ricotta, that was soon distributed also to the neighboring provinces Thus, in 1972, the dairy Mambelli was born, a story of work and passion, but also the story of a family, represented today by Raffaella Mambelli, the third generation. Known and respected for its Ricotta di Romagna, in 1995 the family started producing Squacquerone. Exclusive use of natural ingredients, selection of quality milk, no use of preservatives or additives, craftmanship in the production: these are the pillar of Mambelli philosophy. Today, thirty years later, with the same philosophy Mambelli produces a wide range of cheeses, all to be enjoyed fresh.
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