The product

Bresaola from Piedmontese Race

A Bresaola produced exclusively from the loin of the Piedmontese beef race
Country of origin:
Italy - Lombardy
3 kg approx
Minimum order:
1 item
More Information
Raw material A Bresaola produced exclusively from the loin of the Piedmontese beef race that is certified by CO.AL.VI organisation
Appearance The shape is bigger than the traditional due to the fact that the Piedmontese cows gives bigger and longer loins. Its color is wine-red while its very few lines of fat are white
Taste The taste is fresh, succulent, round, pleasant, delicate to the palate. The aftertaste is delicate, round, slightly meaty with hints of wine and notes of herbs and spices
Maturing At least 25 days
Suggestions One of the best Bresaola coming from the Valtellina area, the heart of the production of Bresaola. Excellent with some crusty bread, on the top of a bruschetta, or with some mozzarella in a sandwich. Amazing in a carpaccio plate with the addition of some rocket and drops of olive oil
More Information
Ingredients Beef, salt, dextrose, natural aromas, Preservatives: Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite
Weight 3 kg approx
Packaging Vaccum packed in cyovac bag
Storage Conditions (unpacked products) Keep refrigerated below +4° C
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Keep refrigerated below +4° C
Instructions for use Do not pierce the packaging
Nutrition Declaration Energy: 632 kJ / 151 kcal
Fat: 2,5 g
of which saturates: 1 g
Carbohydrate: <0.5 g
of which sugars: <0.5 g
Protein: 31 g
Salt: 3,8 g
Typical value per 100 g
The producer

Coalvi - Carrù (CN) - Piedmont

Why we chose them
Coalvi · the Consortium for the Protection of the Piemontese Beef · works for the enhancement of Piedmontese race meat. The consortium checks, ensures and certifies, through voluntary labeling, that the meat comes exclusively from Piedmontese cattles born, reared and slaughtered in Italy. In 1988, the brand Coalvi got the recognition of the "quality mark" to indicate the Piedmontese beef and achieved a great reputation over the years. Piedmontese race is the most important Italian breed of beef cattle. Its flesh is considered one of the finest in the world due to its excellent nutritional and diet: it is a very lean meat, tender and flavorful. A meat that is characterized for the presence of connective tissues between the fibers, which makes degustation very particular and pleasant. Many scientific studies have also shown that Piedmontese meat is particularly low in fat: 0,5-1% compared to 3% of other races.
The recipe

Fagottini di Bresaola

Ingredienti (per 4 persone): 12 fette di bresaola, 100 g di sottaceti, 1 cucchiaino di pasta d'acciughe, 1 cucchiaio di capperi, olio extravergine di oliva, erba cipollina Frullare la pasta di acciughe con i capperi e i sottaceti sgocciolati. Aggiungere un filo di olio extravergine di oliva. Posizionare un cucchiaio del composto al centro della fetta di bresaola e chiudere a caramella o fagottino, legato con un filo d'erba cipollina.
The recipe

Melanzane alla Bresaola

Ingredienti (per 4 persone):

200 g di bresaola,
2 melanzane,
200 g di caprino fresco,
olio extravergine di oliva,
sale e pepe.

Tagliare le melanzane per il lato lungo ricavandone fette alte circa 1/2 cm, salarle abbondantemente e lasciarle per qualche ora per togliere l'amarognolo. Sciacquare, asciugare e scottare le melanzane sulla piastra. Spennellare con un pinzimonio di olio extravergine di oliva, prezzemolo,aglio, pepe e sale.
Distendere su ogni fetta di melanzana la bresaola, spalmare un leggero strato di caprino e formare un involtino, fissandolo con uno stuzzicadenti.
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