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Quintessence of organic Fennel

Food grade natural essences from organic fennel
Country of origin: **
Italy - Apulia
15 mL
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1 piece
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Description Food grade natural essences from essential oils of spices and seeds , certified Bio and Organic Food Soil Association to guarantee the quality, healthiness and sustainability of the raw materials used
Appearance Liquid essential supplied deliverable by vaporizer in a glass bottle
Taste Essence with a star fennel, delicate and light both on the nose and on the palate, not too persistent
Curiosity Essential oils, extracted through steam distillation, are mixed with alcohol and trace minerals extracted from plants; this mixture is boiled at low temperature in a vacuum bowl, evaporates and re-condenses in a continuous circulatory motion; with the addition of natural antioxidants, the quintessence Prima becomes water soluble and stable at cooking temperatures. They can be diluted in water
Our selection Pri.Ma. Exceeds the limits of common essential oils, which become unstable at certain temperatures. The essences Pri.Ma can instead be used in hot and cold preparations, from ice cream to pizza, they can be dilueted in water and simple to use, with the pipette or simply vaporized. A new frontier of taste that also represents for us a new project that we believe can make a difference!
Suggestions Recommended with meat or vegetable. Try with baked products or patisserie. Doses: cold prep. 0.2% -0.7%, hot prep. 1% -1.5%
More Information
Weight 15 mL
Packaging Packaged in glass jar with vaporizer
The producer

PriMa Bio - Corato (BA) - Apulia

Why we chose them
PriMa Bio is a new line of food essences for hot and cold preparations, from ice cream to pizza, designed to embellish salads, pasta dishes, marinades, desserts, doughs and cocktails. The name PriMa stands for "prima" and "materia", which means "raw material". PriMa is a line of food essences obtained through an innovative way of processing essential oil extracted from fruits, flowers, spices and medicinal plants. The idea came from a project on neuro-gastronomy, a science that studies how the brain reacts during tasting experiences: how aromas and flavours are perceived and remembered, their impact in terms of well-being. PriMa overcomes the limits of common essential oils - such as instability at certain temperatures - to offer to the experts and foodies a variety of ways to enrich dishes. Simple and practical to use, easily dosed with the Pasteur pipette or simply with the spray dispenser, can be used to improve the preparation techniques, reduce the time and refine the dishes, improving the perception of taste
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