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Peperoncino Jalapeno Verde Grounded

Mexican chili peppers, with a low spiciness
Country of origin:
25 g
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1 piece
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Description The jalapeño pepper is a Mexican chili, also known as cuaresmenho, gordo and huacinango, which together with the serrano and poblano is used in many original Mexican recipes
Appearance Powder chili pepper; when it is fresh it is 4-7 cm size; it is generally consumed when it is green, still not quite mature, to limit the spiciness and enhance the aroma; when matured it takes a color between dark green and bright red
Taste The spiciness is quite low, the taste and the smell are very intense; capsaicin is present in low quantities, that makes it suitable for many preparations
Curiosity The jalapeno level of spiciness is generally between 2,500 and 10,000 Scoville units, with peaks of 25,000 for some units; the Scoville Scale is a scale of measurement of the chili pepper hotness, tied to the amount of capsaicin which contains: Capsaicin is a chemical compound, naturally present in chilies, which stimulates also the heat receptors located on the tongue and which causes the feeling of "burning"
More Information
Ingredients Grounded jalapeno green pepper
Weight 25 g
Packaging Packed in trasparent plastic pot
Storage Conditions (packaged products) Keep in cool dry place
Country of origin of the primary ingredient Mexico
The producer

Petit Lorien - Udine (UD) - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Why we chose them
When we met Gianluca Mingotti, the owner of Petit Lorien, we became amazed by his enthusiasm and his knowledge, and by the freshness and the fragrance of his spices. Petit Lorien is a small company specialized in importing and processing salt and species, rare ingredients and original flavors coming from all around the world. Nowadays many people, both chefs and consumers, are approaching the cuisine with a fusion approach, looking for international ingredients used in different countries. The strength of Petit Lorien is the continuous research and selection for fresh products, selecting only the best spices, and the guarantee of a short chain, that turns into the highest quality of raw materials. You can recognize the quality of his spices simply by the perfume. .
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