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Jamón De Bellota Ibérico 10 Vetas

The most famous spanish ham, matured for at least 36 months
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7 kg approx
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1 piece
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Description Iberian pig reared in the wild and fed only with acorn and grass for the 4/5 months before the slaughter
Appearance A typical Iberico cut (V shape), the leg is lengthened with thick fat veins inside and a low quantity of fat as covering outside
Taste Sweet, with intense notes of toasted fruit and hazelnut; excellent aroma complexity and persistence
Curiosity During the last months of its life before the slaughter, in the period from October to March named "montanera", the Iberian pig is fed only with acorns from oaks and from other local trees varieties, grasses and other natural products that give to its meat a special taste and aroma
Suggestions To cut with knife in small but thick slices
More Information
Weight 7 kg approx
Packaging Wrapped in cotton netting and in carton box
The producer

Consorcio de Jabugo - Huelva - Spain

Why we chose them
Consorcio de Jabugo has been breeding Iberian pigs and has been producing hams for over 26 years. The company develops its activity in Jabugo area, in the Andalusia region at 700 m altitude, where the strong north winds in winter and the gentle summer temperatures give to the hams unique characteristics. The pigs of pure Iberian breed are reared in large open spaces (dehesa) and freedom, with traditional and controlled diet. From the young age are left in the wild, they feed with vegetables that are found in nature, with the integration of cereals. They are slaughtered in winter, when they reach optimum weight, which never exceeds 180 pounds. Slaughter, as well as filleting and the other phases of the production are done by hand, according to the tradition. Hames are then matured for a long time in natural environment, from 18 up to 38 months. The Jamón Ibérico's quality depends on the purity of the breed, the extensive farming system, the type of power and the ripening period. As for the feeding of pigs, hams are classified according to the amount of consumed acorns before slaughtering: Jamón Ibérico de Cebo, de Cebo de Campo, de Recebo e de Bellota.
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