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Formai De Mut Dell'Alta Val Brembana DOP 2022

Alpage raw milk cheese from Val Brembana
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10 kg approx
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1 piece
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Description Raw whole milk from cows that graze on the meadows of Val Brembana
Appearance The rind is smooth and thin, the paste is a slightly straw-coloured ivory that becomes more intense as the aging progresses; it is compact, elastic and with small and diffuse holes
Taste Sweet and savoury when young, with aging it becomes slightly spicy and develops important vegetal hints, of ripe fruit, of pineapple and peach
Curiosity The name 'Formai de Mut', translated from the Bergamo dialect, means 'mountain cheese'; this expression refers to the mountain pastures located between 1300 and 2500 meters above sea level, where cattle traditionally graze during the summer. The production takes place in the approx 40 high altitude 'casere', large huts find shelter for the herdsmen and each year is made up of about 2000 wheels. In the valley floor it continues and yes completes the maturation of the cheese produced in the mountain pastures
Our selection In the Alta Val Brembena, the cool climate, the abundance of water and the great availability of pastures rich in aromatic essences, constitute the ideal conditions for milk production and processing. The summer mountain cheese is enriched with unmistakable and since 1996 the PDO denomination was attributed to this cheese
Suggestions Its flavour goes well with warm and enveloping first courses; try it in a risotto with chestnuts
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Weight 10 kg approx
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Latteria Sociale di Branzi Casearia - Val Brembana (BG) - Lombardy

Why we chose them
On the beginning of economic boom, after the second world war, Giacomo Midali, a local cheese-maker, started a project to enhance local cheese productions and he founded Branzi Dairy. At that time the project was joined by two hundred small producers and breeders. Nowadays the cooperative in managed bu Giacomo's grand children and it is still collecting milk produced by small farms that work only for Branzi Dairy. The milkcollected is obtained from cows of Bruna breed that graze over 600m of altitude giving a rich and fragrant milk that will be entrusted to the hands of expert cheese-makers to produce Branzi following the traditional production techniques.
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