The product

Tricotta Divina Bio - cooked ricotta

Ricotta passed to the oven, excellent for appetizers and desserts
Country of origin:
Italy - Tuscany
Type of Milk:
Raw Sheep's milk
1 kg approx
Minimum order:
1 piece
More Information
Description Whey from sheep's milk and sheep's milk, organic
Appearance The paste is ivory white, the texture is compact
Taste Sweet and delicate, with a light toasted note and a pleasant aroma of toffee
Curiosity The tradition of cooking ricotta in the oven was a way to preserve to the fresh ricotta that remained unsolt after few days; today it is cooked for at least 4 hours in the oven; it won a Gold Medal at Biocaseus in 2008
Suggestions Excellent for starters and desset. In savory version is delicious diced in salads, or cut into slices with tomato and basil caprese for an original starter. Delicious as a dessert served simply with a little bit honey or fresh fruit
More Information
Weight 1 kg approx
Packaging Vacuum packed
The producer

Fattoria Lischeto - Volterra (PI) - Tuscany

Why we chose them
Fattoria Lischeto was founded by Giovanni Cannas in the mid 80s, with the idea to blend farming with art and culture, tourism with nature and history. In 1990 Giovanni started also with the cheese-making, transforming only the organic milk of his own sheeps, lived in his land. Recently his sister Rosita joined him in the management of the whole farm. According to Giovanni's dream, Lischeto is not just a farm, it is a magic place where culture, love for art and for nature, passion for history and for tradition are blended together. The 800 sheeps can graze freely in the 240 hectares of the farm, where forage is produced and where you can also find here and there some artworks, thanks to Giovanni love for art. The milk is then transformed by Ruggero, the dairyman. The farm is managed in the total respect of nature, men and animals, with a whole organic cycle of production, from seeding to harvest, from breeding to cheese-making. In the production, that is completely handcrafted, the purpose is to maintain and develop the tradition of the typical flavors of Tuscan farming. "We only use the milk of our own sheeps - told us Giovanni - respecting the natural cycle of sheeps. This reason some of their cheeses are not always available.
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