Fresh Strawberries
Strawberries mark the beginning of the sunny season and they give us a large range of aromas to combine with.

Strawberry is the most popular fruit berry in the world, and it is one of the sweetest ones.
When they ripen, fresh strawberries reveal an astonishing combination of aromas: fruit, caramel, spices and green notes.
Some cultivars express a flavour of pineapple; others, like wild strawberries, have aromatic notes similar to wild grapes, or a warm and spicy character which remembers the cloves.
Strawberries are suitable for harmonious food pairings with sweet spices and other fruits, and guarantee versatility in many recipes, most of all in the pastry-making.

Drawn from: Segnit N., The Flavour Thesaurus

Here our proposal for a successful food pairing:

Strawberries have a fresh taste with acidic notes; this fruit pairs perfectly with fresh cheeses, sweet and creamy, with a round and buttery taste.

Delice de Bourgogne: french cheese with creme fraiche; delicate and creamy in the mouth
Robiola di Roccaverano DOP
: robiola made with sheep's raw milk; the taste is slightley acidic, with notes of milk
Dolce Capriziola: blue cheese made with goat's milk, sweet, with notes of milk and a delicate aroma of goat

Strawberries have a leading role in the pastry-making but they are precious ingredients even in non-sweet recipes such as risotto and salads.

Mascarpone Mambelli: sweet with notes of milk and cream; perfect with strawberries in a Tiramisù dessert
Pecorino Tumarrano: slightly spicy and with a pleasant complexity of aromas; taste it with the strawberries in a fresh salad
Fior di Ricotta Pura Pecora: sweet and delicate, a perfect pair with the strawberries for a spring cheesecake