Gorgonzola DOP TosiLegend tells that two of the most famous blue cheeses in the world were born because of love...

According to legend, a romantic shepherd, following his shepherdess, forgot his bread and sheep’s cheese in one of the Combalou caves. Once he returned, some time later, he discovered the cheese covered with mold. He tasted it and found it delicious. This is how Roquefort was born.

A young cheese-maker left his job to visit his lover. The next day in the early morning, not to be discovered, he mixed the evening curd with that of the morning. He obtained a cheese that remained soft even if left to mature. Desperate, he tried to solve the problem piercing the wheels to aid the cheese drying, but the holes got filled with mold. However these molds made the cheese rather pleasant. Gorgonzola was born.

Giorgia Barbaresco
Quality Director