Anticipated returns and new encounters: Ponte Vecchio returns to the alpage but also gives us a little surprise
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The first Monte Cesen cheeses have just arrived, it is the alpage cheese of the Azienda Agricola Ponte Vecchio.

The first ones produced in June have just turned 60 days old, they are not yet fully mature, however they already well represent the basic characteristics of a summer alpine production: straw yellow paste, irregular eyeing (rather abundant this year) and aromas of fresh grass, fermented fruit and cooked butter. They will improve even more as the weeks go by.

This year Monte Cesen is the only cheese from the summer pasture that Ponte Vecchio has decided to produce and market, while the remaining cheeses that we are used to receive with the sticker “fatto in quota” (literally: made at high altitude) this summer are produced downstream in the Vidor farm.

It is certainly hard to accept, but it must make us understand that the pasture grazing of alpine cheese is not a routine operation that happens every year, but a situation that requires the breeder and/or the producer, today more than ever, the urgency of running a cost-benefit analysis.

Ponte Vecchio has decided to go up to the hut only with half of the herd for this summer and this will guarantee us a greater quantity of Monte Cesen than in previous years.

In the meantime we are happy to present you a new product: the Fumicotta. A small smoked ricotta made with whey and milk from the company and smoked with beech wood in the recently started smokehouse. After the production of the fresh ricotta, 4-5 days are allowed to pass for it to dry and eliminate part of the excess whey, then starts the process of slow smoking that lasts 3 days.

The taste is pleasant, so sweet that at times the ricotta seems sweetened. Delicate and elegant, smoking never overpowers the sweetness: a great ricotta to be used not only in the kitchen, but also to give variety to a cutting board: it would never give a bad impression!

Alessandro De Conto
Sales Director