Roastbeef Meggiolaro

A delicate and genuine roast beef, without frills, that gives its best with only a few  simple additions when serving

The easy choice is the illusion that risks make you stay on the surface.

Although Alessandro Meggiolaro is a man full of ideas, his products tend to be simple, a simplicity that means research of the essence.

Simplicity should however not be confused with being easy, because every idea, however simple it is, cannot be realized without having to make compromises.

In this article we talk about the Roastbeef by Meggiolaro and the idea behind its production, which consists of a well-sized silverside of beef, very little salt, no additives, no preservatives, roast cooking, low temperature and time (a lot of it).

Roastbeef is a ready-to-use product that only needs a little fundamental care to enjoy it at its best. And maybe I can give you some suggestions...


Alessandro becomes very serious on this topic so do him a favor and for heaven’s sake only use salt when serving… do you know Salt Bae?

Here you are like him. After that salt splash you will feel how the roast beef becomes even better and you will feel a little more arrogant. To give a different touch, I will tease you with the idea of using a smoked salt.


Yes, asparagus, but in a very fresh and summerish version: put a few slices of roast beef with cooked and cooled asparagus, a few mint leaves and season with good olive oil, salt and pepper.

If you dare, adding some hazelnuts crumbs can be really nice.


The culture of Balsamic Vinegar, especially the Tradizionale of Modena, it is a super interesting one and very much underestimated.

Not many know enough about it and unfortunately it suffers a lot from the presence of low-quality products on the market.

The depth of the selection and the process that this product can offer is large and of course depends on the raw material, but also from the hand that makes it and from the years that are dedicated to it.

So, in the spirit of “less is more” take an Aceto Tradizionale di Modena and add some drops to your dish, or prefer a Saba (typical natural seasoning made with grape syrup obtained from must) instead of a balsamic vinegar cream. 

Matteo De Santi
Export Manager

Soundtrack: Love me do - The Beatles

After all this isolation, apprehension and solitude, the least we can do is to treat ourselves to a few slices of Meggiolaro’s Roast beef, properly paired with wine or beer

A cold dish and the roast beef, which however asks for a bodied, soft wine.

Generally produced as a Bordeaux blend “enriched” by Marzemino, I think this wine can happily meet with Alessandro’s Roastbeef.

The tannins will not be too hard and the softness of the wine will also smooth the slight metallic note of the meat.

Expect a long finish of red fruit, leather, sweet spices.

Region: Conegliano and surroundings
Intensity: medium

Among the best-known international vines we find Merlot, which has certainly found a wonderful place where to grow in this area of Italy.

You will meet a full-bodied wine, with a light tannin, capable of accompanying meat with elegance.

The end of the mouth, characterized by red fruits, balsamic notes and fennel will make you roll your eyes and exclaim: “I’m fine!”.

Zona: Collio, Friuli Venezia Giulia
Intensity: medium

For our dish we are always looking for wines with personality, and certainly from the south of France they can help us.

The combination of soil and warm climate gives us alcoholic and full-bodied wines based on Grenache/ Syrah.

Moreover, do not underestimate the aromatic aspect, in the mouth the red fruits are accompanied by aromas of ground black pepper.

Zona: South Rodano, France
Intensity: persistent

Full, silky beers with hints of coffee and chocolate.

These high fermentation beers will upset your palate when paired with a juicy roast beef.

The light smoked notes will accompany the bite, leaving a barely perceptible bitter aftertaste.

Just a recommendation, don’t finish your beer before you start eating!

Style: Ireland
Intensity: persistent

Enrico De Conto
Purchasing Department - Sommelier FISAR