Chocolate Eggs
Two ideas for the Easter menu: an innovative Blue Cheese with chocolate and a traditional Lamb Ham.

Choco 21

Sergio and Susanna Moro developed the idea of creating a blu cheese with chocolate observing a recipe of the Italian chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo in which he paired Gorgonzola and chocolate. In the cuisine world is not so uncommon to use blue cheeses in dessert recipes.

From here, the winning intuition of CHOCO 21, a blu cheese flavoured with the liqueur Choco 21 by Roberto Castagner. The liqueur is made with cocoa from Central America (Equador) and Africa (Ghana and Camerun). Sergio and Susanna pierce the cheese and get it “drunk” with this liqueur by using a special techniques.

The appearance is really curious and inviting: the paste has regular blue veins with visible chocolate infiltrations. The rind is dusted with cocoa powder and covered with dark and white cocoa chips on the upper side.

The taste is sweet and slightly piccante at the end; the chocolate liqueur balances perfectly the sapidity. A unique experience as unique is the creativity of Sergio and Susanna.


Baked Lamb Ham

The baked lamb ham  is a baked charcuterie produced by Gastone Bernardini, in Tuscany with lambs from New Zealand  The thigh is baked on a grill in order to keep the meat away from the fat. Thanks to this processing technique, the ham becomes really pleasant and gentle.